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Custum power wheelchairs, manual wheelchairs and rehab mobility equitment for all your mobility needs. Mobility challenges requires mobility solutions.

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Dionne toblessed Bibbs July 26, 2020 11:50 pm

This company delivered a wheelchair to my home that I can not use. I have made several attempts to reach them to have them come and pick it up. My name is Dionne Bibbs and I writing on behalf of Diane Watson, who is bed ridden due to lack of access of a usable wheel chair. Ms Watson has been without her wheel chair since Oct of 2019. On Feb 26, 2020 Ability Medical delivered a wheel chair to Watson. Ms Watson expressed her concerns as to the features of the wheel chair and her ability to use it. The Rep. Jon advised her to just try it out. Ms Watson attempted to use this chair and almost feel on several occasions. She called the company with the aid of her social worker in April to try to get help with the chair. But die to COVID 19 no one would come out. On May 13, 2020 a Ability Rep named Ed came out to check on Ms Watson and the chair. She tried to explain to him why this chair would not work for her and what she needed to be fully independent like she was prior to the breaking of her old chair. Instead of trying to fix the chair problem, the Rep tried to sell her a medical bed. Ms Watson stated she does not need a medical bed, she needs a chair that she can safely get in and out of bed on her own. On May 27th with the help of her insurance company( Care Plus) Ms Watson contacted Ability again, and asked for them to just come and pick up the chair because it is just sitting in her home and she can not use it. And she is not going to pay for something she can not use. Ability advised Ms Watson and her insurance company that someone would be out on May 28, 2020 to pick up the chair. No over came to pick up the chair and no one from Ability has contacted Ms Watson. The chair is just sitting in her home and she is sitting in her bed without transportation.

Kyle J October 30, 2019 12:34 am

Recently injured and was given a standardized wheelchair it seemed like from another company. They didn’t care about my injury or the accident I was just in all they thought about was giving me a chair to shut me up it felt like. I reached out to my legal team to help me get something I needed, a chair that was just right for me. They happen to find Ability Medical Supply and worked directly with Amanda. She made it possible, I gave her a chair I had in mind she took everything down and made it happen and got someone out there quickly I really don’t know how she did it lol! I was in a new chair a month later MY CHAIR! I can’t thank her and the team enough for such great service. If you want to put your trust in a company and not sure where to go Ability is where you should go THANK YOU!

Carlos Ortiz October 6, 2019 11:41 pm

I would recommend this company for anyone needing mobility equipment, just the time, patience and work this company has put in to make sure my father got the equipment he needed! Unfortunately when it comes to insurance they don’t want to pay for equipment, knowing my father is paraplegic and has no movement in his legs. They don’t care. But once special woman, Amanda Torres, made that dream possible. She helped every single day with my appeal, reviewers going above and beyond. My fathers request was overturned. I can never put in words to her the feeling we all had when we seen my father in his chair. Charlie was exceptional making sure everything fitted correctly. I can never thank Amanda enough, her customer service was over the roof. Thank you Ability for giving independence back to my father!

sheryl katz April 20, 2018 5:04 pm

I needed a specialized wheelchair for my personal needs. I was not comfortable with needing or facing the fact of needing such a chair. The amazing people at Ability helped me with such care to know I am not alone and they kept me in the know and included me in choices each step of the way! Always kind, always considerate, went the extra mile to make sure I was happy with all aspects of my chair. Let me say to anyone needing a specialized wheelchair it is so much more then you can imagine the work, the loops that insurance requires be jumped through to have it payed for by insurance, Medicare and then getting all they require from the dr, and independent specialists etc. Ability Knows their stuff!!!!! I spoke with several Ability staff always ensuring my satisfaction, happiness with the chair for sure, but the process before a chair can even be made for a person is massive!! That is what most people don’t know or see. Even doctors have no idea how much is required by insurance and Medicare. They all get frustrated, so it is extremely important to have a company like Ability who have the knowledge of this complex set of rules, paperwork , and all needs & requirements, balancing the many involved in getting what’s required, and doing so with sensitivity and being an awesome advocate for you all while understanding the need for people to get their wheelchair is immediate so the process holds that up. Ability knows this and they get it done!!! Ability will get your chair approved with the least delay due to their know how of a complex process!! I am most appreciative of the professionalism and caring about the result for the person, me for sure. What a great team effort and they are a call away if anything is needed!!! I give a 10 star really! Thank you Ability!!!!!!!

Paige Westely April 19, 2018 9:06 pm

Having to contact a place like Ability Medical was hard for us, since we were dealing with a declining family member, but the staff there was amazing. They are all so kind and considerate. The process to get this type of equipment approved through insurance can be long and hard, but this company did it all for us. I highly recommend this company and the people who work there! Thank you for all you do!