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Megan Schrager February 27, 2021 2:58 pm

Great place to live. They have taken care of all of our problems in a timely manner. Everyone is extremely friendly and you are extremely close to everything.

L K February 24, 2021 5:45 pm

Township is a nice area but this complex lets commercial vehicles park everywhere. There has been a fully commercialized PAWN STORE VAN there for 2 months now and it has not moved as well as many other commercial vehicles. Real classy.

Dante Torres February 19, 2021 6:10 pm

this place was horrible after showing our family one unit, we got the lease for that unit. they tell us the day of our move that the unit we were supposed to move into was not available, so with a fully loaded u-haul they put us in a unit that had NOT been cleaned or touched up. I so noted all the issues including the smelly worn carpets, on the move in punch list. the issues were NEVER addressed. needless to say we did not renew. upon leaving I also noted that none of the issues on the move in punch list were addressed. now 2 years later they tried to put us in collections. I only wish I could give negative stars. ADVICE STAY FAR AWAY FROM THIS PLACE !!!!!!!!!!!

Ivy Wright February 2, 2021 1:16 pm

After looking through the other reviews on this place, I’m genuinely astounded others have had the experiences they did. My experience with the place, specifically regarding maintenance, has been wonderful. I won’t lie and say we’re the best renters, but I’m very thankful Advenir and their team has helped us be comfortable. Quite a few times something has gone wrong in the apartment, though with a work order and some waiting, things got fixed. I’m not sure for the massive difference in experience, though if I were the owner of this place I’d get to the bottom of it and root out the issues. I know I’d be very happy if I truly found that the rest of the complex was getting similar treatment to me.

Shamile Louis January 24, 2021 6:29 pm

If you are looking to live in a safe, CLEAN environment, do not move to this property. If I could rate 0 stars, I would.

The entire experience living here has been completely horrible. And I am impatiently counting down the days until my lease ends. Management is subpar, especially the assistant manager. They all lie, especially maintenance. We moved into the unit at the beginning of March 2020, right before the pandemic shutdowns began. Two days before moving in to a “renovated” unit with heightened rent, the apartment was in shambles. Flooring panels were lifted, the sliding glass doors in the living room are off track and did not work, no electrical sockets were properly screwed to the wall, there were stains on the wall, the laminated that was placed on the “renovated” kitchen cabinets were peeling and it was all around unacceptable. We made note of non-negotiables that need to be fixed prior to us moving in.

We then made a thorough listing of everything wrong with the apartment when we accepted the keys, expecting that as BRAND NEW tenants, the issues would be fixed. Instead, what happened was the management and maintenance teams used COVID to not address any maintenance issues whatsoever. The unit has been falling apart since before we moved in. I’ve had the assistant manager be extremely disrespectful and threaten to cal the police on me for complaining about things that are only partially addressed only if you threaten to withhold rent. Trying to get anything taken care of is nearly impossible, worse than pulling teeth. Maintenance will mark work orders that haven’t been addressed at all as complete. A disabled car, with flattened tires and cobwebs has been parked in front of my apartment for over 11 months. I tried reaching out to Priscilla, the supposed regional manager multiple times with no response.

The AC unit is in like an attic space. It constantly gets backed up, making the apartment hot. Once the unit started leaking from the ceiled. That area is not cracked and bowing, like the ceiling could fall any day.

There is an obvious crack in the foundation in the dining area. The wall and floor boards in that area have rotted through twice, exposing tons of mold spores. On one occasion they left a gigantic, industrial sized dehumidifier for nearly two months and essentially refused to come and remove it. I ultimately had to drag it out myself and drop it off at the office. And please don’t get me started on the roaches.

Overall, this has been my worst rental experience, and I urge anyone to go somewhere where the exorbitant amount of rent you pay can at least get your maintenance issues addressed. Again, I’m only giving 1 star, because it’s the lowest option I’m allowed to select. I would certainly offer 0 stars.