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Check for available units at Apartments at Crystal Lake in Deerfield Beach, FL. View floor plans, photos, and community amenities. Make Apartments at Crystal Lake your new home.

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Randy Erdman November 23, 2019 5:29 am

Want to have guests over? They can enjoy one of the five visitor spots available for the entire complex. If those are full, tough luck.

Theresa Markey June 15, 2019 7:58 pm

Please do not go to Crystal lake apts located 350 NE 32nd St they are a rip-off I paided $50.00 each for me and my husband to live in this new senior citizen building then we both received a letter of denied in which they didn’t do no types of verifications so went to the leasing office they told me to send a certified letter which I did comes to find out it’s a non-registered address and the place I sent it to is a place for ingineer I have been calling the leasing office but all they do is not returning any of my calls so I sent e- mails to the better business bureau and also hud now I want my money back $100.00 dollars total or I will be calling help me Howard I’m not the one to just to let things go I’m probably not the only one they are scamming people and it’s not right give my money back or there will be a review every day because I really do think I’m being discriminated against

Kyanna Brizan March 12, 2019 12:52 am

This place is absolutely AWFUL. They do not fix anything, the property grounds are never clean, the trash is always overflowing, they keep charging more and more money for basic amenities without fixing ANYTHING!
You have to pay to park across the street in a dilapidated parking lot while other residents and guests steal your assigned parking spot with no repercussion.
The issue I have the MOST is that our apartment is over run with roaches. We have tried everything to get rid of them. We have made several complaints to the managers with NO HELP. There are roaches in our laundry room, in our beds, in the stove and oven, in our closets. Enough is enough!!! We have paid hundreds of dollars in pest control with no reimbursement and the problem persists. They do NOT CARE about their residents and charge an abundance of money for subpar service and amenities. The community pool has been shut down several times by the city and the roof has been falling apart since shortly after we moved in. It got so bad at one point that during a rain storm our bedroom furniture was soaked, Do you think they fixed it? NOPE!!
We complain to management often and they continue to turn their backs on us. I am writing this in hopes that it helps anyone from making the decision that my husband and I did when we signed our lease.

Karley White July 6, 2018 7:32 pm

This place sucks. There’s kids running around screaming non stop, people leave garbage bags in the hallways, parties and loud music at the picnic area constantly and 3 of my husbands rims and tires were stolen off his vehicle! He went to his car one morning and it was lifted up on bricks. We paid our rent on time every month and were always quiet and management told us 3 weeks before our lease was up that we were not allowed to renew and we had to be out by the last day of our lease. It’s pretty hard to find a new place, pack and move all within 3 weeks. It turned out to be a good thing though because it gave us the push to move and our new home is so much better. I feel bad for the people they do that to that don’t have the money to move with such short notice though. Treat your tenants better.

Venessa S May 2, 2013 2:13 pm

When you are in the process of closing a deal, you are on your best behavior. At the move in every was fine, we paid our rent on time but when it came to having issued with the apartment/appliances she gets an “F+”. The tenant is blamed for the old building and old appliances with an issue with pest.

Don’t get it twisted, the reason people say she is “MEAN” is because she “IS” and we have never been late but can’t get her to fix anything without an excuse..