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Rent a car at Pompano-North Federal Highway with Avis Rent a Car. Select from a range of car options and local specials

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Dani Nx3 December 17, 2020 4:39 pm

EXTREMELY RUDE! I was just in a terrible car accident and went here to rent a car. I didn’t not have my main credit card in hand because it was lost in the accident but reserved online prior. When I arrived at location I was told that even though the car was paid for I needed an additional credit card for deposit. I was on the phone trying to figure out what to do when he kicked me out of the store and told me never to come back. Rudest man I’ve ever met. Said his name was Jose which is probably not even his name on account that he knows that I am writing a negative review. Will never use this company again and will be writing to corporate as well

Diamond Hicks, PharmD December 6, 2020 2:51 pm

Trust me. Don’t use this one.

Personal Development Geek October 26, 2020 3:43 pm

The worst customer service in the history of customer service. Just flat out terrible, if not the worst!

ScarleyCat December 10, 2019 6:10 pm

Needed a car on a budget and was not disappointed. They were by far the cheapest. They were very nice and helpful. Service was fast without a bunch of added hassle. Got a great lil car. No problems at all.

Robert Babik February 27, 2019 9:16 pm

I rented this Van for a family vacation in mid December 2018 to go out of state. About 4-5 days into the rental there was a warning light on the dash that indicated the tire pressure was low. I took it to a service station on the side of the highway and they informed me of the one tire being severely damaged and did not recommend driving on the tire. I then called AVIS to see what they wanted to do. They instructed me that they would have roadside assistance come out and put on the spare tire and NEVER MENTIONED THERE WOULD BE A CHARGE. When they did this (at 11pm) they could not get the damaged tire to fit into the space where the spare tire came from. This was a problem as we had 10 passengers in a 12 passenger van plus luggage so no room to keep a damaged tire in the vehicle for our 18 hour drive home. Avis then promised to replace the van with another van also an acceptable solution. When I called the next day to follow up so we could plan our day they did not have another van and told me sorry. They then suggested I go to a service center and have the tire replaced or whatever needed to be done to make the tire safe and place the spare back under the vehicle. I did that and even tried saving AVIS money! Rather than just replace the tire I had the service company take the good (new tire from the spare rim and put it on the factory rim and the damaged tire from the factory rim and put it on the spare rim) LITTLE DID I KNOW I WAS SAVING MYSELF THE MONEY. When I turned in the receipt (as AVIS requested) I received an email back stating that AVIS declined to reimburse me for that expense. Then I get a letter 2 weeks ago from today where they are charging me $83 dollars for the road side assistance. See the photos attached of the tires they allow you and your family to drive on! They don’t care about anything but the money and it shows! There is NO EXCUSE here and no room to say “we messed up an your case was mishandled”. I must have spoken to 10 supervisors and 15 agents, not to mention the AVIS location directly. No one seems to help or be concerned. I even contacted the AVIS location where the vehicle was returned so I could get more photos and video and they told me (knowing about the damaged tire) that it was rented for the following day and I needed to hurry before they close. When I asked the porter if they were repairing before re renting the van, he said “not to my knowledge”! WOW!!!

So with AVIS when you discover an issue or have a breakdown, they promise to take care of it then bill you for it and go back on their word of offering reimbursement for the repairs. So in the end they credited me on one day rental because repairing a van a few days before Christmas 100 miles from any major town is not easy. The repair took almost 24 hours (of waiting) which cost me an extra day of hotel and a day late returning the rental (not to mention vacation plans interrupted). So they were kind enough to refund one day rental $53.00 but that is it, no repairs which they asked me to do, no compensation for my time or inconvenience, not even an apology. The real slap in the face was almost 60 days after the fact that they were charging me for the Roadside Assistance fee. AVIS & BUDGET is the WORST company ever with regards to morals and consideration for their customers, The ones who keep them in business. STAY AWAY FROM AVIS!