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B & J Bicycles in Pompano Beach, FL is the area’s specialty bike store. We’re experts on cruiser bikes, electric bikes, kids’ bikes, women’s bikes and more. Come by for a test ride today!

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Mike G February 28, 2021 4:48 pm

I always try to patronize local businesses so as result of a google search I checked out B & J Bicycle Shop since their reviews were very good. Staff were cool and presented a friendly professional atmosphere. Prices were excellent and I was happy that all the work was completed in twenty minutes as promised because they have five mechanics on duty. I have since returned twice, once for a purchase of an item and the second for maintenance on a second bike. Thanks B & J, very pleased.

Sabra Adams February 22, 2021 1:09 pm

I recently came with my husband and mom to buy bikes and they were great!! The helped us figure out which bike would be perfect for each of us and let us try them out out back of the store! They hooked up a bike rack to my jeep which had been customized so they went ABOVE AND BEYOND and drove to get me an extender for the bike rack to fit over my tire(one place didn’t have it so they even went to a second place to get it) !!!!!! I cannot say enough good things about all the guys here!!!! We had so much fun!!!

Derek Smith December 1, 2020 3:01 am

Knowledgeable, friendly and professional staff. They stock quality products at a good price. I just got back into riding since packing on the pandemic pounds. Found B & J bicycles on google maps to buy a new chain and hanger for my 2010 Trek 7200 when my rear derailleur broke off. Upon getting home I was having problems remounting the parts and suspected the rear derailleur was damaged. Took my bike back with me the second time and he confirmed my suspicion. They had a new Shimano rear derailleur in stock and the associate offered to installed all the parts for me at no additional cost. Had it all back together in under 15 minutes. He ended up fine tuning the bike and checking it over for me also. My Trek is riding great again and they saved me time and money. I would recommend B & J for all your biking needs.

Peter Moss November 6, 2020 5:30 pm

I pass by this place often, and stopped in needing my bike repaired. Everyone was so very helpful, he immediately put my bike on a rack and started servicing it. He found the issue and fixed it within 5 minutes. Honestly he made me feel like I was the owner of the shop and didn’t charge for the service! I’ll definitely be back for my next bike!

Sean Mouttet October 4, 2020 5:37 pm

after reading all the comments and reviews about how great this shop and owners are I took a drive up there today. I am a small business owner myself and I prefer to give other small businesses in the area my business. I recently started back biking as Covid hit and have been putting a lot of miles on a mountain bike that was set up for trails mostly, riding on the road. After 1200 miles I got my first flat and decided to do some research and get some hybrid urban tires for the bike. After calling around to many bike shops in the area and realizing most don’t stock these tires and would have to special order them. I decided to order them myself then take them to have them installed. I was politely greeted when I walked into the store. Once I explained what I needed done I was them asked where did I buy the tires. I said I bought them online and I was told by the service tech they won’t install anything that was not purchased in the store for safety reasons? really you can’t install two brand new tires labels still on them, tubes from your store and put them on a rim without them being a safety and liability concern. Just for reference many established stores in the area will do it with no issue and charged for part and labor, which is exactly what occurred 20 minutes later at another bike shop. Must be nice during the current state of the economy to be able to turn away business that could have grown into a lot more as I have way more biking to do in my future.