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Julie Gruber September 9, 2020 7:37 pm

Reliable but not cheap.

Kara Stachel November 13, 2019 4:45 pm

Awesome company! I have to have my residential fire backflow tested every year. I initially hired a company out of Miami to do the inspection, which was much more expensive than I had ever paid, I struggled to get a response out of them and had to follow up several times to get the inspection scheduled. The backflow test failed and they gave me a quote that seemed high, so I called Backflow Inspection Repairs & Plumbing for a second opinion. They were able to tell just from the quote that most of the items the quote covered and nonsense and unnecessary items. The quote I got from Backflow Inspection & Repairs was a whopping $500 less than the Miami company and they did the inspection and repairs one day after I called them. Great service and great company! I am so glad that I found them and will definitely be using them from now on.

None Nine January 24, 2019 4:13 pm

I had a great experience with Backflow Inspection & Repairs. Their office staff was very kind and explained everything to me when I had to have my backflow repaired. The tech that came out was first class. I will definitely be using this company to test my backflow every year from now on. Thank you Backflow Inspections!

Steve Rosenberg December 20, 2018 5:59 pm

I really dislike leaving reviews, and it’s even harder leaving bad reviews but I’m just gonna talk about an incident.

The original price was 75 dollars, but I understand that times change and prices go up even though the jump from 75 to 100 then to 110 is exponential.

What irked me was the lady on the phone saying the price for backflow inspection was 100 dollars and then the man who arrived charging 110.

There is miscommunication between dispatcher and employee. If they’re straight forward with their prices I would not mind paying more. Honest work deserves honest pay.

Being told one price and then paying another is just not a good way to treat the customer.

Finding another plumbing company is easy BUT I prefer to work with the same company. This is honest feedback. They’ve made it very hard for me to keep them around.

I hope they can see this as an opportunity to raise their prices permanently and improve their communication to their customers.

I definitely feel robbed because it was like they charged me a different price specifically. I wasn’t informed of anything.

I’m just informing other people ahead of time.

Ashley Seijo November 9, 2017 4:11 pm

This company was great. We own multiple properties and have been with them for over 5 years. They are efficient and professional at all times. We would definitely recommend them to anyone who needs backflow services done!