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The Oakland Park City Commission entered into a contract for police services with the Broward Sheriff's Office on August 1, 2000. The BSO/Oakland Park District provides police services for the City's 8.04 square miles divided into 14 patrol zones.

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Sean Gentile Child Support September 26, 2020 12:28 pm

Thank you for you dedicated work and timely responses. You all work hard on challenging situations and our team appreciates our respected Oakland Park officers serving and protecting our community. Everyday I am grateful. ❤️

Nicolette Louis May 28, 2019 1:21 am

Police officers are very rude unprofessional I spoke to an Sheriff here about complaints before he didn’t do anything today was an horrible day for me now there was an female police officer came to my door just because ONE resident been harassing me calling the police for nothing and my family. Well that officer were talking to me VERY LOUD and RUDE to me and I didn’t do anything just came home from an waterpark with my kids just got home I don’t get no respect at all I am sick in tired of how the way theses police officers from oakland park talks to me and my family why I can’t talk to you guys rude and loud and now my two little kids are scare and doesn’t like police at all. And I tried to speak to the police she was so angry she speed off so fast she almost ran her police car over my foot theres cameras at the apartment complex this is the way me and my family get treat it in Oakland park.

christian oquendo April 13, 2019 8:46 am

I experienced a very poor experience when I called Broward sheriff’s office. I made a complain about business owner on Powerline Road and Northwest 38th Street oh, the store is called all in one. The man inside the store which I later found out is the owner, threatened to say that I threatened his life and said I will kill him. I did not want thing the man even claimed. I left a review and only one store so if you want to find it you can see what the experience was. Once I made a complaint to Broward sheriff’s office to say what really happened I was told the officer will arrive as soon as possible. I had been working with permits in the lot contracted to provide security. When the officer showed up 6 hours later, I walked up to the police officer which is name tag said A. Gonzalez. I did not receive his badge number at all. Off the first words I said he treated me as if I was a threat to him and to the community. I did not act aggressive at all. I spoke with the most respect possible. The man is completely lazy and not here to protect and serve the taxpayers of the community at all. Whether it’s just a complaint or not he is still required to fulfill his duties. Just because he isn’t happy about it doesn’t mean he isn’t supposed to do it. When I told the officer the proof is in the audio and video inside the store he threatened to say that he has to call a detective and will have to arrest me for doing all that. Which is all a lie. This happened on April 10th 2019. around 10:00 at night. the officer then told me to say I wasn’t the most nicest guy when I encountered the business owner lying and saying complete BS. I then told officer am I supposed to lie then? And he got more frustrated. The man is not representing the badge with the most respect at all. He’s just a short,angry, Napoleon complex Man. The man did not even focus one bit on the complaint I had made, he did not even care about anything that had happened. He did not even give me a copy of a report. The man is poor in judging character because with all the respect I spoke to him oh, he was a short little angry man. I only make humor out of this because BSO has a very poor record of being good at what they do. And with no disrespect, the man reinforce that reputation. I am a taxpayer and expect the money being used to pay and fund these departments to be used correctly. Internal Affairs should make an investigation. And according to the freedom of Information Act I will be requesting the body cam footage. This man threatened to arrest me when I just told him the proof is in the audio and recording.

johnathan bautista April 18, 2018 12:29 pm

Cant get personal