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Robert Rosen April 15, 2020 1:13 pm

Great to dear with professional work family style business

Mo Johnson July 22, 2016 7:01 pm

Terrible company and an awful experience. Don’t waste your time. In the first week of May I gave a $750 dollar deposit and small custom fabrication project to this company and the owner Roy. They assured me the project would be done in a week or 10 days. Two weeks later I went by to check on the progress of the project and there was absolutely nothing done. Two weeks after that they introduced me to an engineer that they said would be working on my project. I explained the project to him again like I had done to the owner in the first place and he told me that he would send the engineering drawings and project specifications within a week. Roy told me that they would do the necessary work immediately upon receiving. 2 weeks later I went to see the engineer and person you showed me a piece of wood that was completely different than the design specifications that we had gone over. I explained to him that I wanted what we spoke about originally and he said he would send the design to CNC immediately. He told me a week later that he sent what needed to be done bent metal fabrication design to C&C custom fabricators who confirm to me that they received it. Now 3 months later I went to C&C after giving them this small project and absolutely zero work was done.

Don’t make a mistake and be foolish like I was believing that these people who are seemingly nice are confident.

C&C custom fabricators may be good to bend a gutter or drain system but they do not care about their customers or you.
Avoid them.