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John Hazelhurst July 6, 2018 5:22 pm

This my initial email to Carls patio outlining the problems I had, do you really want to deal with a company that treats customers like this? They are refusing to replace my stained cushions.

Please find attached photographs of just a few of the damaged and heavily stained cushions you delivered, every single cushion is marked in some way. I cannot believe Carl’s patio would dispatch and deliver this garbage without noticing they were heavy stained and damaged, then expect a customer to except it.
There are clear signs of a repair to one of the sofa frames and the lamp is also damaged. Your customer service is appalling, you clearly misled me when you rang on delivery day and said “the driver noticed frame damage” the damage was noted on the printed delivery documents so you were clearly aware before you dispatched the frame.
To add further insult both the shade and lamp have signs of damage. I was given absolute assurances from both yourself and your colleague in the showroom at the time of purchase that the everything including the cushions would be “BRAND NEW” that is what I paid for, I have been lied to from the get go and feel incredibly angry that you would treat a customer who has just paid $8000 dollars for brand new furniture in this appalling way.
I made it crystal clear I was not prepared to accept anything other than brand new furniture, that is why I refused to purchase the same furniture in your outlet shop for half the price, as it happens that furniture was better than the junk you delivered today.
What I really find incredible is that at some point during this process someone within your organization has picked, wrapped and prepared this junk for dispatch and thought it was completely acceptable and good enough for a customer who has just spent $8000? this is bordering on dishonesty passing off used and damaged product as brand new, this is clearly not new furniture. As well as the cushions and lamp I would like both frames replacing as I believe neither are new.
As we discussed earlier I would like one of your senior manager to call me and explain how this happened, I would also like to know how you intend to replace the damaged lamp and when. This has been possibly the most disappointing retail experience I have ever experienced and fully I intend to express my honest disappointment online.


Henry Medina July 18, 2016 11:30 pm

Very expensive there is no great variety