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Carl Meyers March 4, 2021 7:16 pm

Dealing with chase bank has absolutely the worst experience dealing with a bank in my entire life (and I am old). My wallet was stolen and instead of treating me like the victim they are treating me like the criminal, refusing to issue me a new debit card and locking my online banking because I don’t have an ID as it was stolen with the rest of my items in my wallet. It is a catch-22 with Chase. I can’t get a new debit card without a debit card or a license or other valid State picture ID even though I do have a copy of my license scanned onto my phone. The fact that they will not give me a check makes it impossible for me to even get my loan from amscot because they will accept the scan of my license however I must have a check from Chase we will not give it to me. They will not unlock my online banking because they cannot text my phone. I’m not sure what the reason is they cannot text my phone because no one else but Chase has a problem texting my phone. It is a vicious cycle that chase has no interest in resolving. Now I’ve been told to call the branch and speak to a banker who I’m familiar with but when I call the branch all I get is a message that says sorry we’re busy call back later and that is the help they offer. No matter who I speak to it’s the same robotic answers and there is no assistance for the customer with Chase. The last time this happened to me they held my money for over a month causing me to become homeless because I had just lost my home and I needed to access my money in order to put down a deposit on an apartment however since my wallet had been stolen they would not issue me a new debit card and also locked my online account because I sent money to my sister who has the same last name as me and to whom I had sent money before but they label that a suspicious transaction. They are doing the same thing this time and refuse to unlock my account until I get a new license which could take any number of days more, however with a couple of ridiculously obvious questions and answers they will allow me to take out $100 a day for my bank account even though they have no idea who they’re giving that money to. As soon as my social security starts going to my other account at a different bank I will close my Chase account and never ever deal with them again. I advise anyone who is considering opening a Chase account not to do so because they don’t care about you.

Joe Jones February 4, 2021 11:41 pm

Horrible experience. Person very arrogant and had no customer service skills. I have multiple accounts with Chase which I wish I did not. Second bad experience with a Chase branch I one day. The one I usually deal with is awesome.

Pesci July 16, 2020 7:34 am

If you need any help, only the branch manager seems to know what is going on. However, he does do everything to make sure the customer is happy. Unfortunately, he is the only one.

UPDATE: They are taking the pandemic serious, limiting people inside, etc. Thank you. I haven’t had any issues since my last post. 3 to 4 stars.

Allan F March 28, 2020 7:16 pm

Just went there today to deposit check for my landlord. Teller name Eva told me to tell my landlord to activate his Zelle account (BECAUSE SHE STATED THAT SHE DOESN’T WANT TO GET SICK).

I told her my landlord is an old school and doesn’t want to do that Zelle since someone had already stolen his money from his Chase account and the bank couldn’t determine how the money was taken and that is the reason he won’t do Zelle.

I don’t want to get sick too. I’m taking my risk dealing with the teller because she’s more prone to catching the virus.

Now, I wonder if she say that to every customer that walks in OR…Since I’m asian, she assumed that I carry the virus. EFFING IGNORANT… AND RACIST!

Kt u July 9, 2019 8:02 pm

This branch is terrible. I went this afternoon with my husband. They only have one notary and we waited 30 minutes before leaving to go to another branch. Not only that but we were passed on the list because the only notary was helping someone else. I’m truly disappointed. I’ve been with chase for years and never have a good experience when I go to this location.