1411-1499 SW 28th Ave, Deerfield Beach, FL 33442, USA

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Fear Box November 7, 2020 6:39 pm

Small park in a neighborhood but nice

Hebert R. Pelaez October 19, 2020 12:08 am

Great to bring your children to play and to play football, baseball, do yoga, or volleyball…

Jacki L April 9, 2020 6:24 pm

Love it lots of wide-open space for your kids to run its in a little neighborhood it’s safe love it

Ruby Kanubee March 30, 2020 9:28 pm

Well I was looking forward to visiting this park but there’s no parking at this park

Tai Dempster November 9, 2019 1:21 am

Nice to park to walk to with my kids, the city just put back the awnings since hurricane season is over so the playground is not ripping hot for the little ones. Huge field in the back of the park for kids to rub around crazy or play sports. Great park