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CVS Pharmacy in Lighthouse Point now offers FREE prescription delivery. Enjoy free delivery on other essentials or visit a CVS near you to shop vitamins, beauty, medicine & more.

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john ott March 13, 2021 4:04 pm

Need meds ASAP after 3 people were in a crash
Said a few hrs to fill
Gave them number to text when ready never called
Lazy people

David Braunstein July 5, 2020 5:58 pm

Be careful this CVS does not obey privacy acts they shared my Covid 19 test appointment with one of my family members without knowing they were not me. That was done and admitted to by one of the pharmacy technicians. Because the manager and customer service has not reached to me about This it has become necessary to notify the state and seek an attorney.They do not care about their customers.

Ghost writer January 28, 2020 5:53 pm

Regarding saving$ at CVS (GVS)
To wit: CVS/GVS ads ploy!🤡
Buy one product get 50 %off 2nd same item is 25% off really.
Deceptive false advertising as 50% off on purchase. Something
Like bait and fool people.🤡
GVS GREEDY Value Services
Walgreens just like them.
Dishonest and GREEDY to the
Average customers, and they over charge most products by 33% Over normal retail. Check it out yourself. Receipt coupons are another ploy of GVS’S Ads.
They play on the ignorance of
The public, especially the older public who needs to SAVE on
Drug store needs. VERITAS

Nancy Torres Vasquez August 3, 2018 1:02 am

Everyone in the pharmacy is very helpful I never have problems with them and they always answer my questions

Jeanne McVicker February 7, 2017 1:27 pm

Young AA not friendly at all. I was shocked to go into the store and find the worker with her rear end showing and pants way down below. Not professional at all. Very rarely speaks.

There is a very nice young man every morning at the cash register and he is very helpful and very nice and friendly.