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Lisa Brown December 31, 2019 5:16 am

I work in the healthcare industry and can honesty say that Dr. Goodison is the most compassionate and intelligent doctor that have treated me a primary care doctor. I had the pleasure of being cared for by a truly wonderful physician. She also care for my grandmother in the hospital and my grandmother loved and trusted her completely. Dr. Goodison spends the time to listen to you and answers all your questions. Dr. Goodison even takes the time to draw pictures and give examples that makes medicine so understandable. Dr. Goodison is an amazing physician !!!

Shari Good July 1, 2017 6:42 pm

Awesome doctor!!! Cares for all patients and goes above and beyond to meet your needs. She is appreciated by our entire family.

John Almighty April 4, 2016 11:36 am

Don’t let these reviews fool you. Dr. Goodison’s a very good physician. She’s well educated, and doesn’t lack empathy. I can honestly say that she is one of Broward Health’s best and we’re very lucky to have her around.

Paul Baio September 10, 2015 9:42 pm

Terrible experience with Dr. Goodison. The waiting room is packed, standing room only, a very long wait. I am a new patient and she ordered over a dozen specialists to assess my condition, I have diabetes type II and no serious issues. These specialist visits were burning up my insurance so bad I could only visit 3 within a few months and was discharged from her office for non-compliance. I was upset until I saw my insurance statement. This “good doctor” would have burned up my insurance for the entire year in a few short months, I only saw her for a total of 15 minutes. This doctor is totally irresponsible and disregards the needs and assets of the patient, milking the insurance for all they can get, plus she overbooks her patients, every 10 minutes. I am very glad to be rid of this terrible doctor.

Jane McGeary June 11, 2014 2:48 am

The doctor is lacking in empathy, is not communicative and released a patient – my daughter – from the hospital at 10;00 at night after assurances by the hospital staff that my daughter would not be discharged until the morning when someone could come and pick her up. She was sent in a taxi into a bad, dangerous situation, of which the doctor was well aware. I believe this is negligent and irresponsible.