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leonardo valdes July 30, 2019 11:34 pm

Worst time of our life. My wife ,my daughter and I purchased a vacation package to Hawaii at NCL ..NORWEGIAN CRUISE LINE ..We paid $10,000 plus ,,We Asked the Sales rep if my husband will available to sail with out green Card ,,The dream vacation agent told us that Only he needs was his Driver licensed ,because the cruise only sails around USA territory ,omg we travel To that beautiful and Paradise of Hawaii..and as soon as We arrived there ,the CRUISE LINE TOLD US ,,,my husband won’t be available to sail ,because ,he Don’t have his green CARD .this was the results of the Wrong Information the Agency gave us to US,,,this DREAM VACATIONS S THE WORST AGENCY could exist in the WORLD…please be advised ..Now I have to paid for all legal Fee and get a lawyer to help me to get all my Money ,,,Back than THE Cruise LINE WANT TO KEEP, Because again all the Wrong Information the Agency DREAM VACATIONS gave to US..BE AWARE DREAM VACATIONS ARE SCAMMERS!

Rosemarie Reed February 7, 2019 12:45 pm

I love working with Dream Vacations! I just returned from a 7-night Cruise on the Celebrity Edge over NYE and it was one of the best vacations I’ve ever had. The travel agent I worked with Derek out of NY was awesome and saved me about $1,000 because he had a block of cabins for that holiday sailing that he locked in a lower rate for as soon as the ship was announced. It really pays to use an expert who knows what they are doing. Thank you Dream Vacations and Derek for making it extra special!

James Bainton January 16, 2019 11:17 am

Similar to the previous reviewer (Todd), my parents were promised $400 of OBC for their Disney cruise. Once they arrived on the ship, they only had a $200 credit applied to their account; despite having an email for Carrie Volpe confirming the $400 OBC. Since the cruise in June, we have not had any success in having this rectified. This is a pretty clear cut case.

Update: I sent their email confirming the OBC months ago and still no response…I won’t be using their services again.

Lseg luv November 25, 2018 9:52 pm

We booked a Cruise with the online attachments popping up toll free number: dream vacation.

We thought it was an MSC agent we will get to but realise a few days later it was a private agent.
Anyway we explained very cleary what was our life style, our expectations for this vacation: relaxing, service, food, scenery, disconnect, dolce vita and farniente.

We also detailed our routine to nap in the afternoon. That we wanted to get a balcony to do so, away from the crowds. We also expressed that we never cruised before, that we were afraid of this feeling of “Carnival partygoers” we heard about.
Kenneth Lebeau had a beautiful voice and seemed to have listened carefully and gracefully to my little chat dor him to target us.
We kept asking advice and to secure our choice, since we always book vacation at the last minute and never have time to do extended researchs.
He mentioned he just came back from a MSC cruise. That besides the food was not the best that the MSC had the type of product we would enjoy. ( TRAVEL agents are the experts of vacation and know better…we were wrong).

First of all, once we booked and paid, we tried to call him back, several time, on the number he gaves us, with no success.
Secondly, as soon as we boarded and tried to deal with this no man’ s land Front of the house on board ( 29 hours to speak to a human), and that we realized that our large patio with long chairs and that our suite wtith space we paid for was a trap ( obstructed view, no long chair, a room superficie equivalent to a regular balcony room for $1000 in our disfavor) we tried to call him.

Again the number we had did not work, and we left another messages. Finally we wrote him a mail on board, ( we bought WI-FI to do that). Next evening we got an answer.
He was sorry that we did not enjoy our Fake suite, Fantastica.

So here is our questions: are home travel agent job duty is to book and disappear?

Are the reason to become a travel agent, only for the discounts you get on travel for you and your family with the perk to make some side money?
Are travel agents existing only to benefit to becoming the opportunity to go on industry-sponsored “fam” or familiarization trips?

It takes a special person to succeed as a travel agent, to understand what will fit your clients the best.

Now we know by our $6000 experience, that MSC cruise line is a mass vacation cruise, with no service, with rudness packages, highway cafeterias, (Arby’s food is a gourmet restaurant compare to them), an absent management, and a 1000 employees dealing with ultra music type of customers (Employees are the only to deserve a medal they are left alone with trashy behaviors all day, and no managers to come forward).
Entertainment was a homeschool, end of the year show, this boating experience was our WORST vacations. The ship and surroundings are beautifuls. The rest was just ugly, rude, irrelevant.
We spent $ 2600 on board (2 massages food and drinks to try to get a feel of service and avoid the awfull cantine and escape our pre booked fake suite at $ 2900).
We decided to get diner at the specialty restaurant’s every night to have at least a little feel of what service is. The only part of the boat having the decency of supplying a form of hospitality standard.

We met on the trip, a private agent on the boat She told us she hated her fisrt cruise with them and that they gave her vouchers to compensate her fisrt trip.
She told us that this cruise experience was even worst than the first one !
She also mentionned that from the online agents, do this job, not as full time practising. That they were just doing that for additional pocket money, is this true? Is this what dream vacations does?
She also told us that she that it was our travel agent to voice out for their clients and deal with the cruise line authority’s.
What happen to that part of the duties? Is dream vacation is going to represents us?
Dealing with complaints or refunds (not one of the perks)someone’s got to do it.

Todd Mansfield April 7, 2018 5:51 pm

My wife and I booked a cruise thru Jill Venturi & Associates who are a franchise of Cruise One/Dream vacations and local. At the time of booking the agent agreed to match another travel agencies promotion of $250 in onboard credit. This is on top of whatever NCL promotions were. Now we are 7 days out from sailing. They only issued $100 of the $250 and are saying they are only giving us $125. He is stating that is all it ever was and I have documented proof that it was $250 from the travel agent above what NCL was offering, total. Using that as their excuse. $150 would be the total from CruiseOne. Today the agent first said oh it is $175, then when I did the math for him, he said, oh yeah, $125. That doesn’t even match any amount anywhere. A run around for weeks, still only $100 from CruiseOne on the account, which again doesn’t even match. They know what the other agency offers, they know their competition and the change the game when they know you can’t cancel because of the cruise line penalties. Buyer beware.