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Alethia J May 6, 2020 5:51 pm

This company is the absolute worst! They lied about the transfer time, inflated the price after the fact, and stole our belongings. DO NOT EVER EVER EVERRRRRRRR use this company. When trying to file an insurance claim, it went absolutely no where. This company is nothing but a thief.

Elena N August 24, 2018 2:51 pm

AWFUL! I am so upset with this company!!! As a result of their negligence I have an $1800 brand new bed now completely USELESS! Those guys LOST the headboard which is required for assembly…In addition they ALSO LOST two large mirrors, an 8×10 beautiful wool rug, the glass piece of our patio table, and broke a chair. They also delivered another family’s memory box to us…and their driver rushed us so much at drop off…He told us he only had 30-40 minutes to unload (like 400 items!) so we had no chance of inspecting items and realizing how much stuff was missing. THEY NEVER FOUND OUR BELONGINGS, which resulted in about $3,000 direct LOSS for us :(((

In addition, at pick up the men who were wrapping our furniture were disrespectful and rude! When my husband asked questions about how they were packaging things, one of the guys called him a CRACKER! Needless to say we felt uncomfortable and threatened in our own home!
Later they ran out of packaging materials, even though I had provided them with a complete inventory list….so they left our mattresses unwrapped and loaded them into the dirty truck unprotected.

And last, they harassed us for high tips…they said to us that their job was so tiring and when they don’t receive good tips, they can’t guarantee if they are careful with the nice furniture….UNBELIEVABLE! The fact that we knew those same guys were going to be transferring our furniture and boxes into a different truck, left us no choice but giving them high tips (total of $240 for 3 guys!!!)…..AND FOR WHAT?!? SO THEY CAN BE NEGLIGENT AND END UP LOSING OUR IMPORTANT ITEMS!!!

I will definitely be filing complaints/reports with the appropriate agencies!

Bruce Newfield February 13, 2018 7:35 pm

Happy to say all went well with my move. I had specific things that could not have been played with and even though I was afraid to trust I am glad I did. They came through all the way. Delivery which was my worry was as smooth as it could have been…. great great and great!

Melissa Ryder February 13, 2018 7:24 pm

I have move with many many companies because I am constantly traveling due to my job and I must say this was probably the most stress free move I have been apart of. And I have been apart of some terrible situations so my guard is always high when choosing a company but I am happy to say I would use Duntura again when I have to move. I even recommend my co workers and employees as well because he really does great business. For those looking for a good moving company well…. you found it…… good people and they did an amazing job.

Jim Kelly February 28, 2014 10:06 pm

Very Good Service!

I chose this company because of the time period they have been in business, As a educated person I understand that moving companies who do it the wrong way and are ripping people off aren’t going to be in business very long. American Moving & Storage Services has been in business for over 14 Years and has a proven track record as a reliable Carrier, Unlike most people I researched who for the most part are brokers…

The American Team From James the Sales Rep, To the Movers themselves being very honest and respectful on the day of pickup, Not to mention that they showed up early and work with my schedule which was another huge reason besides reputation that I chose to select them versus the other movers who called me…

I would recommend them to anybody looking for a moving company on any future moves. Thanks to the whole American Team : )