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Bruna Ally January 27, 2020 1:45 am

I lived here for roughly a year and a half. The whole process of me moving in was a lot faster than I thought. I was originally told that it would take at least a month or so before I could actually move in and by the weekend they already had something ready for me. Mariela and Angie in the office were very kind and helpful the entire time. I’m a single mom, so making sure that things were streamlined is a big thing for me. It was genuinely a pleasure living there. There were some issues with the surrounding residences outside of the walls of the actual community that did bleed into the Eagle Pointe community, but the ladies in the office were quick to have additional lights put up as precaution. I’m glad I lived there and wouldn’t have any issues returning if the opportunity allowed for it! Thankful for Eagle Pointe, and for Mariela & Angie! Thank you!

Jasmine Future November 12, 2018 8:12 pm

Never lived here but I definitely don’t want to now they never answer the phone and I went to a friends house there is never any parking just sad

Whiteboi Ace August 23, 2018 1:31 am

I am currently a resident at eagle pointe I haven’t even lived here a year and I have had my car broken into twice & now they are even breaking into apartments. I have gone to management and nothing is done. I highly recommend NO ONE move here it’s very unsafe & management couldn’t care less. This entire property needs to be bulldozed. As soon as my lease is up I will be gone & I’ll make sure everyone knows not to rent here ever.

Lily P August 19, 2018 12:00 pm

I’ve been living here for over 6 years. In the past year things have been very bad. Robberies, someone getting held at gun point to steal a persons car, to over 20 car break ins. Including 1 of our cars just recently. The management here and her superior are no help. We spoke to the manager about the recent car break in to one of our cars and her response was blaming the police and saying that we can break our contract and leave. The gates to enter and leave the complex are always broken. There is only 1 camera that is working and that one is facing the dumpster. The only reason they have that one working is to fine and make money off of people who aren’t throwing the garbage inside the dumpster. Do no move here. It’s not a safe place, even one of the workers stated that the security that is their a night (which isn’t there at night) is only to protect the apt building and nothing else nobody’s apt or anything just the building. There’s never any parking and people can’t find spots to park and they end up parking anywhere. If there is parking it’s literally in the pitch dark spots with no light. This place has become very unsafe. Management has changed over 4 times I believe. So they are always changing employees. Please do not move here its very very unsafe. They only care about the money and not for the residents.

Mary Susan Del Carpio August 26, 2017 3:08 pm

Do not move here! They will charge you even for light bulbs, carpet, $70 for stove pans! These people are ridiculous and abusive. Will do anything to take your security deposit! They charge u if u put things in the balcony. The gate is broken constantly. I seen homeless and drug addicts leaving needles in the property. Bad place, neighbors smoke marihuana all the time. Fights, police coming over. They say no pets allowed and there are people walking dogs. Did I mention garbage piling up on weekends! Worse place ever. Management sucks!