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We are Fort Lauderdale's urgent care dentist. Emergency Dental is open 9am to 9pm including weekends. Our dentists can provide quick relief for to…

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Carnisha Wright March 13, 2021 3:57 pm

Very happy and satisfied. Angela and the other staff were amazing. Came in on Thursday evening and by Saturday morning everything was completed and work was being done.. Super convenient friendly and fast service.

Patrice Roberts February 20, 2021 11:38 pm

From the time I entered Ms. Angela who basically does everything for you before you can see the dentist is very patient, calm, and a person who loves her job because she’s a caring person. Thank you to the doctor and her assistant, they were awesome as well. Patrice

Yelena Loshkareva January 28, 2021 7:11 pm

Wouldn’t give them even 1 star, it’s the worst place ever, negligent staff with a lot of discrepancies in paperwork and patients records. I had an emergency with my wisdom tooth severe pain that required extraction to be performed, on 01/03/21 had emergency office visit with X-rays taken twice (double radiation), because the dental assistant hadn’t instructed to take off the earrings and necklace, she noticed it on the image only after, and I have a very short hair, so it’s clearly visible, so she then advised to take off the earrings and took another one X-ray, medical negligence. On 01/04/21 had my wisdom tooth extracted, oral surgery with stitches performed by Dr. Diaz (they never provided me her full name in my records), not happy with the work performed, I’m not talking about complications, I mean the esthetician part of how it was done and how the stitches were put on, messed a bit with shape of my gums. Today 01/28/21 came to their to request my medical records along with X-rays for a second opinion with my other tooth and appointment scheduled with different doctor, got one X-ray only, they deleted the original 1st one that had been done with negligence without advising me to take off the earrings. There was no manager on duty, since she or he was off today, the staff at the reception refused to provide me with the full name of the doctor who actually performed my oral surgery on 01/04/21, since 1st visit was with different doctor (all records that were given to me shows his name), and the wisdom tooth extraction was performed by a different one Dr. Diaz, office staff advised to call them back some other day when their manager is at the office and could possibly assist in my matter, but it’s funny because the phones they provided and I called at before coming in today didn’t work, it sent me VM with full box and disconnected, seems only the call center for this facility works their job good, the call center is in a different location, had to chat via text message system with a very nice person Linda who originally advised me that I could come to the office and get my medical records without having an appointment scheduled, and the office staff told me the opposite when I got there, that appointment is required, seems they all are on different pages, and right hand doesn’t know what the left hand does. After having going back and forth with the wall of lack of common sense to have my medical records issued correctly and with no discrepancies, called 911, explained all the details and provided all the information to the operator, they sent Fort Lauderdale police officer, who was nice, but when he arrived he said right away that since it’s not criminal, it’s not his case and he won’t be involved, why the 911 operator didn’t explain this in advance before sending the police officer to waste the time, it was a waste of time for the police officer, and incompetence of 911 operators. While the office was there with me at the location one of the staff suddenly came up with something new that she hadn’t told me before the police officer arrived, she printed out the paper for me to fill in, something like request / consent form to release my records in order obtain all the accurate, correct details and information in regard to my medical records, before she never mentioned anything about such form, all they were telling me, I’ll need to come back when manager is at work and might be able to correct my records and have it issued properly without discrepancies. It wasn’t the last drop to my patience with this practice, I didn’t fill in any paperwork, got what I need and can use even with the discrepancies, but it’s more than enough for the other dentist to see the negligence of the medical staff at Emergency Dental Care USA located at 2161 E Commercial Blvd Ste# 300, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308.
P. S. I’m not sure and don’t remember, so I might be wrong, but the staff I was talking to today wasn’t wearing any name tags (badges) as they are supposed to.
And my apologies to the police officer involved, for his wasted time.

Mr. Beckford November 18, 2020 8:08 pm

I called to ask average price of an extraction and was met by the rudest phone person ever. The attitude was uncalled for and unprofessional. If you do not enjoy the job QUIT, but dont pass your negative energy on to others

Adrian M September 27, 2020 2:46 pm

Made an appt on a Sunday. I paid for the visit and X-Rays. I needed a tooth extraction. My face was swollen and I was in pain, and this dentist took full advantage of that fact. They quoted me a price that was +100% of what the average cost is for that procedure. More than double actually,. In the middle of a pandemic no less. I would not recommend this place to a dog. They acted like it was no big deal, their interpersonal skills are sorely lacking and they shouldn’t even be in business. I went in ready and willing to pay $700 for a double tooth extraction, expecting to pay a little more because it was a Sunday. They tried to charge me closer to $1500… thanks guys, you’re a real class act.