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Enterprise Rent-A-Car offers flexible & convenient car rental backed by our Complete Clean Pledge at Pompano Beach Lighthouse Point branch. Reserve your car today!

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Spring Rice March 7, 2021 3:19 pm

Will never rent a car from this location again, in fact, never from Enterprise at all because of this salesman, don’t even know his name or care to! I made a reservation specifically for this location that I always rented cars from. I was a repeat customer. I arrived 15 minutes early to get my car, and the salesman said “You do not have a reservation.” I said yes, I do, and showed him my paperwork. Apparently when I called, the phone rep made a mistake and put me in the location about 15 minutes down the road from this location. I was specific and said this location/all my previous reservations were from here. So enterprise rep made the mistake, but this guy blamed it all on me saying “You do not have reservation” and kept saying it! He then said I have others with a reservation ahead of you, and if there are cars left we can help you. Keep in mind my ride there has now left. So here I am arriving early and waiting to get a car, but he won’t help me and keeps saying I have no reservation when I do. He then proceeded to give all the cars away and told me he can longer accommodate me. Of course I was very upset and started to cry, as I was very stressed out now. He then said I could go to the other location where my reservation was and get a car there. I said…you want me to walk? He said I will take you but you will have to wait about 45 minutes. I have already been there an hour watching him give all the cars away and now he treats me like this. I called my ride and I will never rent from Enterprise again all due to this one employee! Worst customer service experience ever!! I teach customer service training, and will use this rotten experience in all of my future classes! By the way, I found and rented from BUDGET-BOCA RATON which is located right next to where I live, and I was treated like gold!!! Hassle free, great customer service, and I am now glad to be a Budget Customer!

Kendra Cummings November 4, 2020 9:17 pm

Nice local location to use. I left something in the car and the company including corporate actually followed up and got the items back for me a week later after a new driver had been using the car. We appreciate your help!

Mark Finizio Sr. October 1, 2020 1:06 pm

Great experience with this rental and the service at this Pompano FL location. The vehicle was spotless and ready to go upon my arrival. Covid precautions were in place and being followed. Eric was very helpful and professional. Return of vehicle was super quick and easy. We would definitely use this company and location again. Thank you for helping to make our rental a success.

Jp Parente September 17, 2020 12:39 pm

It took close to two hours to get my vehicle about 1hr to get picked up and then another hour to actually take possession and be able to go about my business. The agent didn’t seem to be concerned about any of the above or how dirty the windows were, she just was adamant and pressed over and over on why I should be purchasing your accident coverage, going as far as telling me if something happened to the vehicle, I would be totally responsible for paying the daily rental fee while the car was being repaired. At that moment I considered declining the rental totally! When I complained to customer service , I was told that was not the case. So as of know I no longer plan on using your company in the future , as this isn’t the first time I have been unhappy with your over all service.
Oh and last but not least, while I was waiting forever to be taken care of, I saw this vehicle pull in and I didn’t see anyone clean or disinfect this unit after it did. SO I THINK YOUR COMPANY SHOULD CREDIT ME TOTALLY!

Butta Cambridge September 16, 2020 9:20 pm

Made a reservation Took 2-3 hours to get car…
Next car had pet hair everywhere 😡😡
Made it to Orlando 2hours late flight gone
Couldn’t make another flight for that day
Just return vehicle
Called regarding this matter was hung up on 4 times stay away from this location