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82gamer42 February 8, 2021 4:48 am

The manager is very rude and angry. She was the cashier who helped charge me this visit. This was my third time to this store. On a privious visit, I noted she was the manager and wanted to compliment her on one of her employee’s. When I approached her to confirm she was the manager, her whole body language became tense. I chalked it up to a bad day and proceeded to compliment her on her employee. She then became less abrasive and thanked me. The next visit, her employee tounted me about asking him to bag the clothes I was purchashing with the hangers on. He said it was too much work to do so and would need to remove the hangers in order to bag the items. At which time, I told him that that was no problem, I can bag the items so that he wouldn’t have to. When I went through a bit of a struggle to do so, he laughed and rediculed me for having a hard time, in front of other customers and my family.

This last third visit, the manager was the cashier. When I asked if I could keep the hangers she said the ones on the clothes I was purchashing weren’t allowed to be kept. (Side note, have been buying clothes from family dollar from several locations for the past several years and they put them in the trash if you don’t ask for them in my experience.) I replied that “no problem, hadn’t been the case in the past but that was fine”. The manager replied, ” I ain’t about to argue with you about some hangers”. From there on, it was all down hill. She became passive aggressive in her tone with me and had a discomforting attitude. As noted when I asked her about an item without a price, among other things. She said there was no sqcue on it and couldn’t sell it to me. That was okay. Next, she put the bag on the counter and I thought she was done bagging it. She replied in a demining way ” I’m not done with that bag. She was very volitile and was confrontational during the whole exchange. This experience has felt a poor taste and while I am not one to get easily flushed, I was overwhelmed by how poorly I was treated. It was humilitsting to be shopping and receive this type of customer service. The manager’s tone and lack of regards for her customers was a reason to not return to this site.

Lastly, the store over all was disorganized and as a person that enjoys the perks that family dollar has to offer, such as coupons on the app, it isn’t worth the humiliation that I had to endure to receive such perks. There are two employee’s at this location that I have seen be more than ambilical verses the two that served me. It is sad when management is less then desirerable. If you can avoid this location, I highly recommend it

Chasity Spicer February 4, 2021 1:52 pm

Looks nice from the outside..but inside is very trashy..forget about using a cart..wont fit in any of the isles!! Will stick to my Dollar General..

Ethel Wells December 26, 2020 5:27 pm

Great they always have what I’m looking for and the service is wonderful

Michael Knowles December 19, 2020 8:17 pm

Generally well stocked. Better organized than the average Family Dollar store (they can be chaotic). The cashier and other employees are very helpful.

Irene Arce December 11, 2020 7:04 pm

Nice big place, lots of aisles and choices. Some were blocked for restocking but that’s a good thing