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Jessy Guedez October 14, 2020 12:39 am

What I’ve really like about living here is that if there is any maintenance issue, it’s always resolved in good timing. Recently my a/c started to leak, called and right away Marc came and fixed the issue!! Every time I’ve had some issue in my apartment, they always come on time and fix the problem. Great job 👍🏼

Elliane Laboy October 9, 2020 1:00 am

The worst place to live. They don’t tell you the truth, hidden Utilities fees. Beside that they charge the prorated fee if you move out before the end of the month, it is ridiculous! Also they take more than half of your deposit once you move out. Parking lot gets flooded not allowed you to move your car for over 3 hours ,you better move to another place, where they steal your money . They raise your rent Bitween 46%to 48% yearly .

Terrell Hall August 20, 2020 6:40 pm

Overpriced, no storage for basic necessities (eating utensils, bath towels, no washer/dryer, etc.)in newer units, maintenance repairs are shoddy so you are held responsible for them at move out which will be very technical. I endured pure hell with a neighbor who had concert style parties daily until 5:00 am. I complained to management/corporate & nothing was done. After a year and a half of complaining over 8-12 times or more I lost count, I finally called the police & immediately the noise ordinance & disturbance of peace was rectified immediately. I feel I wasn’t valued as a tenant and especially a tenant of color whose rent was paid on time for a period of 2 years. Had the tables been turned they would not have renewed my lease or terminated it. I was told the neighbor’s lease wasn’t being renewed after 2 yrs but I had a lot of sleepless nites while they did absolutely nothing.That’s why they continued the bad behavior. Parking is bad in the middle or rear of property after certain hours. I started walking in the afternoons & noticed my building and One other one didn’t have any outside lighting & was pitch black which was very scary. The week I moved they got lighting. So Ask for all expenses you are responsible for. Mine added up to an additional $100 plus rent ea month which I was unaware of. So you pay a sewer/storm water & a separate water bill, trash, pest control fee whether you use it or not😤
My rent increased two times in 2 years & one was during the pandemic. To think I left a place paying $1,000 no water bill after 11 years with only 3 increases as oppose to over $1,600 plus each month. Didn’t feel very valued & appreciated as a tenant at Greentree. I did enjoy the newest of my unit and the hurricane impact windows & doors. The security deposit is discounted which is a plus if you’re cutting cost, but expect deductions at move out. Where I came from I had a $2200 deposit in which I received every cent for the way in which I left the property. Needless to say that was not the same with Greentree. For that amount of rent you can more than likely find a better property that cares about your comfort & loyalty as oppose to increases and additional charges. Definitely not a place to save for home ownership, a rainy day or a emergency fund like covid19.
Your scripted response or reply to my experience is ingenious and empty simply because I was never valued as a tenant. I had to silently endure discomfort due to your negligence & risk of being labeled problematic while you received top dollar. The staff was always defensive, even when at fault.

hugh braithwaite February 22, 2020 8:00 pm

RE: Workers Millie- Andrea- Mark Frey. Recently I have had the opportunity to see your workers in action, on both occasions I have had the good fortune of having above reference tend to my needs in my apartment. Please be assured that because of the outstanding customer service provided to me I now feel like it is a distinct privilege to live in your apartment. The above mentioned names were courageous, considerate, poised, helpful and alert. They all are a credit to your organization and I feel that it would be a serious omission on my part if I did not seize this opportunity to give credit that is due. In my experience of a take it or leave it attitude and they deserve credit for being a cut above the rest. It was truly refreshing to witness them in action and to experience their caring attitude. Because of these employees I am looking forward to living at Greentree Apartments.

Roxy Usami February 4, 2020 1:27 am

This place costs too much for a two bedroom that has tiny bathrooms. The oven door doesn’t open all the way because the kitchen is the size of 1 person.the hallways are always filthy. The valet trash people don’t always come on the days specified and we always have to pay. We’re paying for pest control but in the entire year of living here no one has ever shown up.