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Highland Woods RV Resort is an Encore RV Park in Pompano Beach, Florida: a tropical Fort Lauderdale RV Park located near the shores of the Atlantic Ocean.

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Jim Martin March 18, 2021 9:20 pm

What a POS place! First, no one to direct you as to where the office is. Second, the ‘person’ answering the phone could care less about her job & gave NO instructions as to any rules regarding parking.

Once finally parked and settled, some busybody in an Encore shirt says we have to move because our passenger tires are 2” on some sort of magic pad, which is cracked all to pieces. Says we have to move over so we don’t crack that magic pad.

Not sure one get get much more low rent than this place.

Thiago November 11, 2020 9:47 pm

I have stayed with my family at the Highland Woods RV Park from 10/11/2020 to 10/18/2020 in a RV site. It has been the worst experience ever, end-to-end, in every aspect.
One day prior our check-in someone called me to give me check-in instructions and the site assigned to me. She was very straight forward with no details. The assigned me site #98.
At the check-in time i realized there was no office on site for me to get my paperwork – the lady on the phone did not mention that the office I should go is located in ANOTHER RV park, a different address crossing the street. When I finally got to my site 98, there was a family permanent living there. I called the customer service and they asked ME to talk to the family for them to move. Of course that is an absurd and I told them i am not comfortable resolving their conflicts, so they assigned me to site 103. Guess what? Sewer was clogged. Called customer service again, and they assigned me to site 101 – where there was no sewer at all (I booked full hookup and 30AMP). I called again and they assigned me to 93. I went there and the neighbor was stealing the electricity from 93, so I could not use energy. I called again and they assigned me to 98 (yes again) and i reminded them 98 had a permanent family living there. They finally assigned me to site 97, which had 50amp only (my reservation clearly states 30amp). Okay, at this point of frustration I purchased an adaptor myself and plugged my 30am into their 50amp. Funny part is that, while I was doing all this try-and-error moves to find a site, a tall man approached me asking me to take my vehicle out of site 103 because it was not assigned to me anymore and he would have to tow it if I delay (no, I am not kidding). All set in the site right? Facilities were so outdate and dirty that we could not use anything, just parked the motorhome to sleep at night and wake up with all the trucks` noises from the company aside. That was our more-than-terrible experience. I hope this message reaches someone at the management level to have the job done. Check the facility, repair what is not working, update your inventory, keep your employees informed about the status of each site. Keep someone there to overlook what is happening, give clear directions. There is a lot of work to do on this facility, not recommending anyone to stay there at all.

Vicki Foster October 31, 2020 4:59 pm

Arrived after 5:00 and was told registration would be outside office waiting. Didn’t bother to advise the office was in the campground next door. The site we were designated to stay in was not large enough to accommodate our 5th wheel. The entire campground just felt like a sad place to be. Mostly roads, concrete or blacktop. Very little grass. We were reserved for 2 weeks and I couldn’t imagine spending 2 weeks there. This is a very sad resort. We immediately got on the phone with Encore and were able to transfer our reservation to Miami Everglades. Such a nice park! I would not recommend Highland Woods, unless it was just an overnight stop. Depressing park!

Ken Shaw October 19, 2020 3:16 pm

Show up…no office, no one around, (3) RV’s (maybe if that), didn’t feel safe, I slept at the rest area on the interstate. Horrible…and the best yet is they want to charge $500+ for a site!

I do not recommend

Regena Pinkerton September 9, 2020 10:28 pm

The office called us to tell us if we arrived after 5 there would be an envelope at the office. They failed to mention the office is next door at the other campground. None of the amenities are open for use. The campground is near empty and about 6 residents live there. The campground is close to Deerfield Beach, Pompano Beach and Ft. Laurdale. It has easy access to lots of area attractions. There is next to no shade trees in the campground, no fire rings or picnic table. The area is clean and the restrooms were updated and clean. We were in the area to sight see so the grounds were good for us, but, if we were wanting to camp and relax I would find a different park. Not a terrible experience, having a pool open would of made it better.