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Frank Weldon January 1, 2021 3:54 am

This is the best hardware store! Knowledgeable staff and everything you need to get those projects done!

Brian Mosse October 20, 2020 8:08 pm

I have been dealing with this company from abroad and the service is fantastic, Olga always makes the extra effort.

Nancy Garcia September 20, 2020 10:18 pm

As per my experience with Olga it is totally different from what it is posted here, she is an incredible person always willing to go the extra mile for anyone, she is kind, loving, and treats you like family. I’m sure it was not Olga that acted this way but the other way around.

B. Bobby September 14, 2020 10:25 pm

On the date of Sep 14 we went to this specific store to purchase a few items we needed for our kitchen cabinets .right from the entrance(even though we came in the store way before the store closing at least 45 minutes before 5 pm) ) we were not greeted by Any Employee and left out to wait for several minutes until we were approached by This lady (I believe her name is Olga and apparently is the store manager ) which initially was on the phone on a personal matter related .after letting the employee know what we were looking for specifically we were told that the store is about to close in couple of minutes at 5 pm and she cannot help us even though when you look for the official hour schedule of the store says 6:30 pm .eventually in the end she decided to stay a few more minutes for us to be able to place an order with the store but she said that she refuses to release the items because she didn’t like that we made her stay over the closing hours .i just want to say that I am extremely disappointed and disgusted by her rudeness ,the evilness of her actions and her behavior full of retaliation .i would advice anyone to avoid this specific store as they put accent more on their personal time and lives then on assist customers,making money and do a good business.also ..if I would be the owner I would train better my employees,would stay up to date regarding the hour schedule online and in store and not use as an excuse the Covid pandemic for not being able to provide good customer service .

Rosie Sandoval September 14, 2020 10:03 pm

Never shop at Hime Value Improvement. Olga E Martínez, store manager is the MOST rude person in this company!! She was not friendly, was on the phone talking in Spanish about a personal situation, and didn’t welcomed-approached us at all. When we were ready To place an order close to $200.00, have her my American Express card, the. she said they closed at 5 and no 6 like the website indicated.

We arrived 30 minutes earlier, took about 20 minutes to pick our door handles, we drove about an hour from south to buy the handles recommended by a friend but, she told us that she has to go because she has to pick up her grand kids and she should be there at the time. If I were a the business owner I would change the hour online and will make sure all employees are well trained, and care about the company. She was in a such a hurry that told us to leave, explained that we drove long distance and had to leave two next day so there was not way to go next day to pick up handles when she could had given the handles to us, but she refused because she didn’t like to stay longer since she is not the owner, that was her responded..she is very confronting and rude! She wasted time arguing than assisting or placing our order. She may be experiencing some mental problems due to her bad behavior!
All I saw in her eyes, was hatred, an angry and a miserable woman that doesn’t appreciate and is not happy to have a job. Terrible customer service!! Will give my business to profesional and better company that values their customers.