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Arturo Paulino March 20, 2021 9:53 pm

Simple and to the point:
– Got prescriptions mixed up and had to return
– Did not provided the prescription on paper until I came back to pick up the glasses
– Total of 5 trips to the office: 1 for original visit / 1 to pick up glasses and prescription / 1 to have them do a vision test AGAIN / 1 to pick up the same glasses with the right prescription (hopefully)
– When asked the lady for the prescription for our own personal records she RUDELY refused to give it away yelling “I am not obligated to give you the prescription.” This person identified herself as the “manager” and made sure my wife knew she had “full authority” to give out the prescription there and then, but made a point to NOT DO SO.
We as a family would not recommend this place.

Marina * October 13, 2020 12:47 pm

it seemed very nice place at first- people were very friendly, helpful, Week later i got my glasses, that didn’t work well, so i came back, and they were trying to help, Doctor said something about not correct installment and a new lenses were ordered. New glasses were a bit better but still not good, and they did wanted to help but could not figure out what is wrong. And what became increasingly annoying- It has been 38 days now, I DO NOT HAVE MY RECEIPT!!. every time- we will email it to you, later today, tomorrow, computer doesn’t work, million other excuses, my last conversation was this morning. I am sending it give me a couple of minutes. Right, And my glasses – i could not wear them, turned out my prescription can not be used in a frame they offer me. very expensive, may i add, but i agree to it, but i didnt know it will not work with my prescription.. SO now, almost 6 weeks later I do not know what i paid for. I spoke with my insurance last night, they did not file the claim, so insurance can not help me. still waiting to see- i paid a lot of money- and want to see what is it i paid for, because looks like insurance has very different pricing. If i get it I will update this review
UPDATE i received a receipt today- it showed way less money that i paid, so I called the office again, they apologized and made it up to the number I paid. But it is not what was discussed at the beginning
if you go there, make sure you get an exact description of your charges…

Kristen Arpe June 15, 2020 9:05 pm

The staff was very helpful! And the woman that we picked up our glasses from was great with kids and telling him alll of the important rules to keep your glasses safe. The doctor had a great attitude and was great with children also!! Thank you!!! My little dude can see clearly now!!!!

al king May 22, 2020 4:51 pm

The doctor is very thorough and the lady the front she’s pretty proactive at the beginning that they are once you have your glasses then she’s always complaining about her lunch break or something Healthcare in Florida sucks it really does everybody is a a damn slacker down here and I’m tired of it

Alberto Andrade January 26, 2019 3:19 pm

never recommend this place, I have made my eyeglass there and sent back three times and the last time I called my insurance and ask for help. The insurance took their money back but I lost $238 I try to get my money back but they refuse to give my money back and they kept my eye glass. Took about a month to have made my eyeglass, the eyeglass was terrible made, I couldn’t see well, the frame they offer me was low quality.I had my eye glass for 5 months and took back 3 times and each time I left my eye glass there for about 30 days, if you are going to make eye glass there is better you make two because all the time you gonna have one home and another one with them.