1666 NE 54th St, Pompano Beach, FL 33064, USA

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sandy Cox July 3, 2020 9:11 pm

I would not recommend Mark to come to your residence for estimate. He may or may not be a good electrician, however his customer service and lack of professionalism and courtesy leave alot to be desired. He came to give me an estimate for several items that were possible jobs/work and did not disclose the fact that he considered it a service call of which he charges $85 per hour. In the end, he opened a 5 gang plate , and reconnected the already existing connected wires put the plate back on and charged me $85.00. When I questioned the charge he was indignant and down right rude. I felt like I was being verbally assaulted in my own home. Not welcome anymore.

P Benek November 12, 2019 5:44 pm

STAY AWAY….Most unprofessional and classless electrical company/owner in Florida.

Owner Mark Kelley is unprofessional and inconsiderate. For 3 weeks I have heard I need to push back your simple job to next week. As a business owner I understand hectic schedules so I said it was no problem.

1st excuse was he had an emergency call.
2nd excuse was my other appointment in your area canceled so can I do it next week.
3rd excuse was I just picked up a huge job and can’t promise when.

I mentioned to Mark that I understand each scenario but I have already pushed back and the plumber several times already and I really need to have everything ready for when he is scheduled to come. I asked even if it more convenient to come on Saturday that would be fine. Mark said he will not work on Saturday and I just need to be patient. I didn’t no that waiting 3 weeks was impatient.

Mark’s last but most classy comment was, the new job “I am on is worth a lot of money and your job is not worth his time.” (Very Unprofessional)
Word of advice Mark, the small customers matter the most when there are no big jobs and business slows down.