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For those looking to achieve their best, whether in physical fitness or in sports performance, our facility has private services and group classes that will help you reach your true potential.

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Joseph Foster March 10, 2021 8:55 am

I cancelled my membership with the gym I used to work out. Now I am lookong for a good option. Do you have any plan for couples? Better price than other gyms?

Ali Regli February 9, 2021 10:19 pm

Ken is a rock star, why? Because he is one of the best darn coaches & mentor for young people ever. My son has been an athlete -since he hit a ball of a T at six years old. Since then we have been around a lot of coaches. Few go the distance to truly show a young man how to act, be disciplined and work hard on and off the mat as they say in yoga. Worth every penny. Love how my son has grown in his perseverance, grit and focus and so much of that has been nurtured by Ken at Limitless. Highly recommend!

Lisa Widelitz February 8, 2021 10:53 pm

Want to reach your goals? Need motivation? Coach Ken and Coach Andrew are the most knowledgeable and personable people in the field and expertly trained.. They really care about their clients and set up personalized programs according to your needs. They make sure to teach exercises correctly so there are no injuries. They are very reasonable on personal training prices. Also, they have individualized times for clients who want to wear masks. The gym is open air and very clean and sanitized. No matter what your level is from beginner to elite athlete they personalize the program for you! I am extremely satisfied ! I have been a member for 8 years!

S Rod November 19, 2020 5:05 pm

I was looking for results, I wanted to improve my form, feel and be stronger. I was looking for a coach that would not allow my disbeliefs in myself get in the way of my success. I was looking for an outstanding coach that would push me to become stronger and confident. I needed a coach that would hold me accountable and push me to my true potential while training me like a real athlete. Thats what I found in Coach Ken Morris. With all his years of experience and knowledge on how to coach effectively and safely I have overcome many of my personal struggles related to fitness. Not only am I stronger and more confident, I can truly see the positive difference in the person I am becoming. Thank you coach Ken for believing in me and showing me my true potential and my unlimitedness.

allen joseph August 18, 2020 7:49 pm

I’ve been working out since the start of 2017 and around 2018 I hit a plato. For almost 2 and half years I wasn’t gaining any strength or losing any weight. After signing up and a few sessions later I’m back on track. I recently dropped 1.5 percent in body fat and gained 2.6lbs in muscle. Whatever your current fitness level, these guys are dedicated to taking you to the next step and making your goals a reality. They truly know how to make you limitless.