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Melody Maradiaga August 3, 2019 12:15 pm

DO NOT RENT OR BUY HERE!!!!! The HOA Is absolutely deplorable. Before I get into that I want to express how terrible the parking situation is because that’s my first complaint. Our personal driveway holds 2 cars if you park in a weird angle. Not sure how many guest parking there is but it’s very small. In order for people to park there you have to register their car that takes about 10 minutes asking for their license plate, make, model year email and their phone numbers along with all of my information and more. Once my girl-friend came and was 10 minutes late in registering and her car was towed and we had to pay $125 to get it out while I was pregnant. When I gave birth people were passing by to bring us gifts and food and would park behind our cars parallel to our home for a few minutes and each time the head of the HOA or his partner would come take a picture of the car, put a warning sticker on your car (that’s hard to come off) and fine us $25! This has happened multiple times and they were very much aware I had a new born and I even had my landlord let them know the situation ahead of time.

Now onto the president of the HOA who happens to be our neighbors, our FIRST month as neighbors we were putting furniture together as anyone who moves would and they filed 2 noise complaints. TWO! Our first month, what a great way to welcome your neighbors huh? That’s $50 a family had to take out of their mouths because they couldn’t politely knock on our door and have a conversation with us.

My step son comes every weekend and he’s 2 years old he just learned how to jump out of the crib so on SATURDAY mornings @ 7am he jumps out and creates a thud. Our neighbor with his giant man hands bangs on my kids room and wakes up my infant and myself. I go next door to ask him what’s the issue with my children in my hands and he proceeds to yell in my face and in my toddlers face and tells us we need to be quiet. Then he proceeded to say I was “JUST A RENTER” so they were going to kick us out. Can you imagine my entire family getting kicked out on the street because our neighbor couldn’t sleep in. Let me again remind you the neighbor is THE PRESIDENT OF THE HOA by the name of Eric. Why would you own a TOWNHOUSE to complain about one specific sound? That’s what comes with owning a townhome and everyone knows that.

The callbox to get in NEVER works, it’s always lagging. Every time I have people over or order food it takes so long to get them in and God forbid you follow someone in you’ll also get fined for that and have the cops called on you.

The homes themselves are small and narrow with no windows. There’s no separation for our yards and our yards are so tiny. We also have a really loud train directly behind us.

Location, there is no Publix, Starbucks, any decent restaurant or anything convenient near by, we have to drive atleast 10 minutes to anywhere. You wanna know what is near by? Strip clubs and trailer parks. Not sure why they think we live in the Hampton’s to have all these regulations and walk around with a holier than thou attitude when this place is located in the middle of a dump. We had a 2 year lease and we are definitely cutting it short & I wouldn’t recommend this place to my worse enemy. They made us getting our first place together that we put so much work into such a nightmare.

I’m absolutely disgusted by their behavior.

Nicholas Corsalini August 3, 2019 11:51 am

There are 12 guest spots for 108 families.

Guest box works 50% of the time, and my mail, food deliveries are all late or undelivered.

The HOA tones you $25 when someone stops at your house to drop food or inspect something you need fixed. 10-25 minutes and you’ll get an email.

My neighbor is the HOA head and he screamed and yelled at my wife while she was holding 2 babies, telling us we should get kicked out because we are “RENTERS”.

There are never dog poop bags.

If someone checks their car in the guest parking even 3 minutes after they exit the vehicle, they will call and have it towed for $125.

All of the above happened to us while we had two kids or my wife was pregnant and we had our one son.

This place is awful.

Dyanne Figueiredo November 29, 2017 6:50 pm

I would not recommend. Everything is very small and for something that is all new the appliances are older models. But the biggest issue is the PARKING. In front of your house you can squeeze in about two cars but that barely gives you room to open your doors. So if you have any kids with cars or more than two cars, you’re screwed! There is NO WHERE for them to park. They have a little “parking” lot that fits about 9 nine cars which is supposed to be for “guests” but it is always full. We tried to park on the sides of the street but our cars got stickers to be towed. Really think twice before moving in!

Erik Shryock April 18, 2017 12:19 pm

great place, near everything, new community. leasing agents very helpful

Trish Martinache March 7, 2017 2:39 pm

Great, brand new townhome community near everything!