3951 NE 16th Ave, Pompano Beach, FL 33064, USA

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Jay Jumpman February 21, 2018 12:55 pm

Love this school daughter been on honor roll since 1st grade here.GREAT TEACHERS!!!!

Max September 10, 2016 5:52 am

Why the front desk lady is so rude????and be careful with the people that work outside they think they are on the world war .

Yolanda August 22, 2016 7:56 pm

My son’s first day of kindergarten was today. He was assigned to go on an afterschool care van, wore his wristband, and had a wristband attached to his backpack. My child was lost. They had him go on the wrong van! So his van left because they were told he wasnt there. The wrong van brought him back to school. An hour after the school gets out I had to call to see where he was, they never even contacted me to let me know he was back in the office waiting to leave.

Karli Santana May 17, 2016 6:10 pm

Your child’s teacher becomes the face of the school. My daughter’s first grade year was spent at this school. The principal makes time for you always. The lady that was always at the front desk (not sure if she is still there or not as my daughter no longer attends this school, thankfully) is always rude never smiling. She always made me feel like I’m interrupting what she’s doing. Very cold with my daughter. I just never liked interacting with her. Then my daughter’s teacher. (Sigh) She was a teacher that did her paperwork. I tried to get her to be more warm and send me emails here and there regarding my special needs daughter who was in her regular 1st grade class with other first graders. She said she writes something in her agenda every day (it was a number – I can’t remember the scale now but this number was to tell me how my child was that day). As a parent, I like to be involved with my child. I like to know what she does throughout the day. I like to know how she’s doing – she told me “that’s what the report cards are for”. Almost every day my daughter came home saying she cried while she was at school (once, or twice, maybe even 7 times she cried during her school day). Her teacher never called or sent an email about whatever my daughter told me occurred. Wrote her off as a tattle tail from day one. And this was almost every day. Yes my daughter was diagnosed with mild autism. However, I didn’t hear much from the teacher. There were a few instances that resembled bully situations and she said that Angeli cries if someone accidentally bumping into her – discrediting that someone could be actually bullying her or saying mean things to her. She was not caring at all about my daughter’s disability and I truly believe she did not care either way if her condition/disability improved.

I want a teacher that loves my child and protects her and believes her. (my daughter is not big on lying at all). I want a teacher i can have a conversation with. A teacher I can discuss progress with. That is not what I got at Norcrest.

I liked the ESE specialist and principal. Just her teacher – I don’t know what her problem was or why she was always so miserable when it came to me.

It’s hard to find a quality teacher these days. She felt like she didn’t have to do more than she was doing and she didn’t want to. It prevented me from being active in her class. I didn’t even want to see her teacher that’s how bad it got. She made me extremely uncomfortable almost like she looked down to me a bit. I will say that when you meet your child’s teacher for the first time go with you gut. If you feel it’s not a good match as soon as you feel it’s not a good match go to the office and request a different teacher. If not you’ll go the whole school year unhappy with your child’s teacher.

SvnRin January 17, 2016 3:54 pm

I love it I go there