1451 SW 12th Ave F, Pompano Beach, FL 33069, USA

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Scott Fisher December 30, 2020 8:28 pm

Last year Justin and Patriot Flooring & Blinds installed blinds in our hi-rise condo at Pompano Beach – 2 bedrooms plus living room, all with floor-to-ceiling windows. He did a great job at a significantly lower price than the supposedly “budget” blinds company in town, with product options of at least the same quality. Justin is service oriented, was very responsive to our schedules, and knows how to work with large condo associations and their rules.

Back for this winter, I went to closed the larger blind in our master bedroom and the bracket pulled away from the wall, dropping the blind on the floor. Needless to say, I was not a happy camper, it was a Sunday evening and I dashed off a text to Justin, thinking I’d have to call him in the morning. But he beat me to it, called early the next morning and arranged to come over the following morning. He determined that the bracket had not held firm in the aluminum window frame, so reinstalled it with longer screws directly into the metal stud in the corner – I don’t think it’s going anywhere now! The important things are that Justin stood by his work, came over quickly and fixed the problem; then, emphasized that if anything else needed attention, to just give him a call. We were treated like more than just customers — we were treated like friends. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Justin Pray and Patriot Flooring & Blinds to my friends and neighbors. Good Products – Timely Response – Great Service!!

Marc Greenblatt September 19, 2019 2:01 am

We bought our tile from Floor and Decor and we were given Justin’s name from another contractor. First thing we noticed was the tile was not installed properly, but we did not mind that because it still looked nice. There was however a piece of tile that was installed that had a crack in it. We called Justin and he came back out the next day to fix it. In the process of removing the broken tile that should have never been left installed a piece of tile fell and scratched our brand new bathtub. Justin did not say anything, he tried to cover it up, but once he realized he could not fix it and how bad it was he finally told us. He has been promising that he will have one of his guys that fixes bathtubs come out and fix the tub, but it has been over two months. My wife texted Justin and he gave us the name of another person to try and contact to fix the bathtub, but he also mentioned that this only happened because the tile we bought was bad and he also mentioned that we have another cracked tile under the toilet. Which brings me to the question, why wouldn’t he have fixed the broken tile if he knew it was there.
I would not trust this company. Pay a little more for a more reputable company.