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cookie “cocoa” brown February 4, 2021 5:10 pm

All I can say is GHETTO!!!!!!!!! UGH. This office is so unprofessional and rude. The doctors are great so far it’s the uneducated nurses that works there, don’t come for me pls just my experience

Mark J. Tollios July 27, 2019 11:35 pm

I brought my 89 year old father who is suffering from dementia to this office to see Dr. George. The first visit seemed okay, but all went downhill from there. Not only is the office unorganized, but they are rude!
I was experiencing some problems with my father health wise and conveyed this information to Dr. George, he then suggested for me to bring him to Quest Diagnostics for blood work, which I did. After the results were automatically delivered to the doctors office, I followed up with Dr. George to discuss the results along with my care giver. He explained to us that all of his levels were fine and we did not need to change anything medication wise. I was confused because he had constant diarrhea which he then suggested Imodium OTC. At this point I did not know what to think until I received a call from Ken (George’s PA) the next day. Ken explained to me that several of my father’s levels were way off and he was dehydrated. Very confused, I asked Ken why would Dr. George tell me everything was okay? Ken was confused as well stating “I don’t know why he would say that”. Later to find out…Dr. George was reading blood work of 2017. I was livid! Upon confronting Dr. George with this matter, he denied the whole thing and said “I never said everything was alright”. My care giver and I were in shock because we both heard the conversation. He obviously did not own up to the fact that he made a mistake. In my opinion, he is incompetent and just does not care.

At this point I know I needed to find a new doctor immediately which I have done, and finally I have a peace of mind.

I have more issues with this Doctor and office, but I think this will suffice.
Do yourself a favor and do not visit Dr. Phillip George!

BTW, if it were not for Ken, I may still be left in the dark, so I have to commend him for following up.

Virginia Gabriel May 9, 2018 2:22 am

This rating is for Dr. Philip George, not Dr. George Philip.

My husband and I scheduled physicals with Dr. Philip George. He did the bare minimum (took blood pressures and asked about meds we were on) and scheduled blood work. We were told the lab would have the results to the doctor in two (2) days.

When I called for the results a week (7 days) later, we were given a voice mail. The nurse (Mary) returned our call two (2) days after that and gave us her diagnosis (ILLEGAL) which caused us panic! She also told us the doctor would try to call us back when he got a chance. I called again six (6) days later and was told Dr. George would call us the following morning at 9:00 a.m. He did not. I called the office that morning and was told he would call us at 2:00 p.m. He finally called at 2:45 p.m., and we had already given up waiting for his call and had gone to work.

While we were were waiting to hear from Dr. George, the nurse (Mary), who was livid that we had the audacity to not just go away, told us that she would re-up two prescriptions for us (which needed refilling). She tried to give us something (the first one) that we had NEVER used before – even though our medications were listed in our files AND (the 2nd one) that was also the WRONG prescription completely and would have had serious side affects had we not checked!! And she was angry that we told her we needed the CORRECT MEDICATION!!

Dr. George finally decided that we needed to redo the lab work, which was to take two days to get back to his office AND THE SAME THING HAPPENED AGAIN!!!!!! I went to the office and he happened to walk into the reception area while I was there, so I asked him why he blew off three phone appointments, which we had skipped work in order to receive.
We were talking about a SERIOUS health issue!! His response: “I am old. I don’t remember things.” REALLY???!!!??? In front of witnesses!! Clearly he’s not too smart either!

The front desk is incompetent and beyond rude, as well as and including his nurse, Mary. The office manager (who seems to be the only competent one in the place) is doing her best to help this disaster of a medical office, but unless she can work magic, I see no cure.