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Shnepps October 29, 2017 8:25 pm

Absolutely horrible… I had learned nothing that year (not going to mention which year). The administration treats us like trash. The teachers don’t care. And the school is a total mess. I was there for only a year and I had seen enough. It COULD of had so much potential but I didn’t bother to stay. It’s also disappointing how there are some kids who actually want to learn (like myself) but either 1. Don’t have the money to go to a private school or tutoring. 2. Teachers and administration don’t give a s*** about them.when they can change (impossible) then I still will refuse to go back. After what I’ve seen I somewhat feel sad for this “pile of trash”. If you have kids then don’t you want the best for them? Please don’t come here. It was more of a hell for children than a school.If your a parent reading this or a somekind if critic then take this into consideration.

Vicky Zou June 7, 2017 4:04 am

Wow. Time Flies. I’ll be off to high school next year. This school is great, but it has some flaws. I mean what school doesn’t? Though fights happen often the staffs do their best to prevent them. The school is strict to prevent more trouble (students can be all over the place and I know since I am one). If you love to compete in debate and performing speeches, you should join the debate team, that is run by Mr. Kopp (he can be intimidating, but lets get down to it the debate team was what brought me out. I use to be so quiet and refused to speak and now I feel like a completely new me.) ALWAYS do your work, STUDY for tests, TAKE part in clubs, HAVE good friends, BE friendly with teachers, staffs, and especially Mr. Zimmerman. DO NOT GET INTO FIGHTS! Teachers may be b*tchy, but you never know the reason behind it, so be on the good sides of teachers (if you want lots of awards). They try really hard to make students achieve a specific level and reminding them about good grades, but students themselves may the problem sometimes. For example, my classmates have the potential to do things but they just complain a lot about the work and lazily procrastinate. ALSO………….bring your own lunches just in case, cause school lunch may not be as good to you.

Waffles October 24, 2016 10:02 am

I’m currently attending this school as an 8th grader (finally leaving the worst years of my life) and I do recommend this school to people who want teachers constantly hovering over there grade aka reminding of your grades every week which in all sense is kinda a good thing. The video broadcasting class is by far my favorite class and unlike other schools more than half the treachery actually care. But I don’t recommend this school to kids who don’t like fighting there’s fights kinda often around the first few weeks and last few weeks of school. And just last week there were two fights in too days.

Marlahnna Richardson August 12, 2016 7:35 pm

I recently attend pompano beach middle as an 8th grader and it is a great school. The magnet program has the best students. The teachers are amazing and only want the children to succeed. Yes, there are fights but what school doesn’t have fights? We have the best sports teams. Overall its a great school and I loved it there.

X X April 13, 2016 11:42 pm

I currently attend Pompano Beach Middle School as an 8th grader. I wouldn’t recommend for someone to attend this horrendous school at all. There is fights that go on every day, the school focus more on sports than creative ability, and how the kids act is just terrible. The teachers are mediocre at best, and it’s just so depressing to see how the students snap back at their teachers for just doing their job. Don’t believe the “magnet” programs that the school offers, it’s not true at all.