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Anthony C December 24, 2020 6:54 pm

ProMedical IT Is structured like most companies from those who help you onboard, to others who advise for your medical practice, to those who are into the nitty gritty coding. Unlike most companies, ProMedical works internally, flawlessly, creating an amazing relationship with the practices they are supporting. I have worked with companies they would hand you off to the next person until eventually, hopefully, your issues are addressed but every member of their team wears multiple shoes and helps out in anyway they can. I personally have worked with Daniel, Brian, Erasmo, Neal, and Aqeel (a handful of others as well) and each and every concern is addressed in minutes, not to mention the handful of situations they have addressed before they could have become problematic for the practice. I would recommend ProMedical to any medical practice looking for quality, reliable IT support and innovation. To those who have an IT company now, when it comes to the though of switching, just have a conversation with ProMedical. No matter the level of performance of your current team, you’d be amazed on what your IT team is not providing you after speaking to ProMedical.

Francisco Canales November 25, 2020 1:08 am

After years of IT problems in our 24 employee practice, we have now been with Promedical IT for the past 6 months. The entire team is superb! They are extremely knowledgeable, respond immediately, and are able to resolve our issues in a timely fashion. We are 3 time zones away from their home base, but it does not matter. Their service is as if they were inside your office. We cannot recommend them highly enough.

Mark Burrell October 3, 2020 5:48 am

ProMedical IT really deliver. We are a leading cosmetic surgery practice in the UK and have been delighted with Daniel and the team from the first conversation.

Even if you think your current IT provider is ok you should still have the ProMedical IT team take a look at your set up and listen to their feedback.

My only regret is not using ProMedical IT years ago.

Daniel and his team are super professional, highly skilled and have integrated into our business seamlessly.

Their attention to detail and support has been second to none.

Not only do they deliver on daily support for the business, they have developed a roadmap of change projects that are critical and guide our business from start to finish. Projects have been delivered on time and and on budget.

They don’t stop there. For any IT challenge they will work hand in hand with the business to ensure it is done right first time. Such as Practice Management Software, Photo Management, and the list goes on.

Get in touch with them, you will only regret not having them in your corner!

Rebecca Whitt October 2, 2020 2:44 pm

Daniel and Erasmo are AMAZING!! My work made the switch from a local IT support company to ProMedical IT and I can’t tell you how pleased we are. They are extremely thorough, innovative and knowledgeable. Their staff are great to work with and everybody is very responsive. We greatly value strong and effective communication and I’ve never seen such a level of attention from ownership and management. We feel like their only customer! HIGHLY recommend!

Nicole Johnson September 29, 2020 6:25 pm

Promedical IT is by far the most professional, responsive, and service-oriented IT company I have ever worked with. They handle every concern with care and in a timely manner. They have made day today operations much easier and efficient. On top of that, they are a really nice group of people and VERY pleasant to work with! I highly recommend them.