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Welcome to Publix Super Markets. We are the largest and fastest-growing employee-owned supermarket chain in the United States. We are successful because we are committed to making shopping a pleasure at our stores while striving to be the premier quality food retailer in the world. This site provides a wide range of information and special features dedicated to delivering exceptional value to our online community of customers and visitors.

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James Giuffrida March 17, 2021 10:48 pm

The best supermarket shopping in a very close proximity. I’ve found that it was always better than Winn Dixie.

jjpv2000 (Jimmy) March 17, 2021 3:28 am

A smaller Publix but well stocked. Employees are always knowledgeable and helpful. I wish they would drop the mask requirement though.

Wafa’ March 11, 2021 1:33 pm

I live next door to this Publix and it’s very convenient to buy groceries there, I have worked for Publix in a diff branch for two years and of all other branches I’ve been in I’m sad to say that this one has the worst DELI DEPARTMENT and the most UNCLEAN one, workers there don’t pay attention and try to ignore waiting customers they take forever to prepare what you need,they always make you feel like a burden on them. Also I many time noticeed that workers don’t change gloves between customers, I don’t eat meat but when I asks for slices of cheese the employees never change their gloves after serving the previous customer who requests slices of meat,they also use the same slicing machine for both cheese and meat. I once asked the worker there if they should use separate machines she said No we use the same machines for eveything without wiping between orders. Employees constantly touch their aprons and hair net then surfaces then slices. Unfortunately workers there need to be trained about minimum sterilization criterias.

Georgette Whitley January 8, 2021 11:57 pm

Abby in the pharmacy is amazing. So caring and knowledgeable. Employee’s are always eager to help and always walk you to the item you are looking for. By far the best Publix around

Lucy Syrowski January 3, 2021 8:51 pm

Store is too small..aisles crowded because they’re stocking constantly! Most cashiers are nice..but I refuse to check out with 2 of them. The deli section is always backed up. No one knows which line to get into for what. I’ve stood there for 5 or 6 minutes many times before even being acknowledged..what do they think of standing there for??? The larger stores are much better!