3299 N Federal Hwy, Pompano Beach, FL 33064, USA

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Details of RaceTrac Store | Store Number #2438 | Address 3299 N. Federal Hwy Pompano Beach, FL 33060

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Brett Boyd January 13, 2021 3:32 pm

I just purchased a $1.39 medium frozen drink. See attached photos. The clerk told me the cost is $1.81. I told her the drink is only $1.39. She said there’s tax, and that’s why it’s $1.81. I said including 7% tax, the price should be $1.49 total. She got the manager, “Porsche”, involved. Porsche said the price is $1.81, including tax. I showed them their pricing of $1.39, as listed by the drinks. Porsche then told me with tax it’s $1.51, because she said the tax is 12 cents. I said that 12 cents equates to nearly 9% tax, so I paid the proper total amount of $1.49. This is elementary math. It’s bad enough that a clerk of a convenience store can’t make these simple calculations, but a convenience store MANAGER can’t figure it out?

Anna Waugh November 21, 2020 8:06 am

employees are just sitting there on their phones with the door locked saying “closed until 3am”. 3am comes around and they let people in without a mask. employee behind counter had their mask pulled down until i got up there to pay. if i remember correctly masks are required still and they go up over your mouth AND nose not just your mouth.

i guess there’s not a worldwide pandemic anymore and we can just go out without a mask anymore. yeah we all wish.

Sheldon Adderley November 17, 2020 2:53 pm

Austin is one of the best employee I have ever met. What an amazing young man full of energy and high spirit. Austin is customer service oriented always remembers my name and makes me feel at home. I come here every morning to get coffee and a chicken biscuit which he makes with care. He always is fast and efficient with check out. Austin and Geraldine always keep the store clean and smelling fresh. The store is managed by Joseph and he ensure all supplies are met and machines operational. What an amazing group of individuals that work together to accomplish one mission. I am taking the time out of my busy schedule to write this long comment in hopes that cooperate recognize this branch as one of the top places to get gas and full assortment of goodies. Joseph the manager also told me about the Race Track App which is a great way to redeem pionts. I am very pleased with the service from Austin, Geraldine and Joseph they deserve a raise or at least employee of the month. I pray this is read by the right people and not overlooked. I have and alot of pictures and videos that I taken in 4k. I hope you enjoy. Stop in and say hi to the best team in south Florida.

Son of Sam August 13, 2020 6:17 pm

Nice beer selection in the “beer heaven” walk-in cooler

Jules July 24, 2020 12:52 am

2 people behind resister but doors are locked at 8:48 pm. Many of us tugging at the door but no response or explanation.