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Stephany Van Wormer March 7, 2021 11:13 pm

Love this Store, it has everything you need from work out clothes, Club clothes, even comfortable lounging clothes!! Cute heels, Sandles, Slides, handbags, and jewelry!! And you can’t beat the price!!

Mahatna Domond September 12, 2020 3:24 am

Very friendly and helpful, this is the first Rainbow I found people so cool .

emilie galarza January 12, 2020 1:55 am

Been there many times good prices and good stuff. All the people that works there are always friendly and helpful.
But 2 last times there the ASSISTANT (Yari or Yare or what ever her name is) has a very bad attitude, ignores when questions are asked, talks back rude and sarcastically laughs. Never will be back to that Rainbow.
People like her will make people not come back to that store.

MK Antonious August 17, 2019 5:24 pm

Really nice stuff for an amazing price! Mix of casual and trendy/dressy. Bought a new wardrobe (30 items) for around $260.

Worse customer service I’ve ever seen. They didn’t want to move more then a few steps to help you. There was a younger blonde when I got there that was nice and helpful, but everything went downhill when her shift ended. A customer liked something I was wearing and asked where it was, and the clerk answered “somewhere in the front”. I ended up just going and getting it for her in the sizes she needs. Being a business owner, it’s evident they could easily double their sales if they hired more friendly staff / manager and less lazy.

April Banks June 24, 2019 3:01 pm

Neat and nice store however as soon as you walk in no one greets you or asks if you need assistance. I had to say good morning to two of the employees first upon entering the store who were not being friendly or inviting. This made the whole experience uncomfortable. I literally walked around and shopped with my eyes then walked out without making a purchase. Because my shopping experience wasn’t pleasant.