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Timothy Gould January 21, 2020 9:56 pm

Sawgrass builders was outstanding to work with. Highly recommended. !!!

Brittany Degler January 12, 2020 4:15 pm

Amazing work and incredibly honest company. Best contractor I have ever worked with! Attentive to many details and receptive to many requests during planning renovations as well.

robert c July 6, 2019 12:47 am

First of all. You cannot believe a word he says. I have a howling thru my soffit when the wind blows from the south. He sent a man over fix it. On 1 side of the roof peak area they covered up the vents with hardy board the other side they have it taped over. I asked him to take the tape off and put a piece of hardy board up and paint it to match the other side. but, no answer to our Emails. Would not finish the closure under my house as contracted by his foreman. Terrible paint job on my house blotches everywhere. Charged me over $1,500 to remove the debris from my house after I told them time and time again to get it out to the street so FEMA could pick it up. Fema made two special trips after I told him to move it to the streets and they didn’t do it. They told me that a contractor that was doing my tile was going to charge more because they did extra work because of an order mistake was going to be $2,000 extra so, I paid it. I saw the owner of the tile company and I said I hope that $2,000 was enough to cover his costs. He looked at me and said what $2,000 then he stormed out. When I came back down from Christmas there was a ding in my refrigerator, they told me it shouldn’t be there and they weren’t responsible. In my own home I can’t have my own fridge? In the whole house that was the only thing in there. On the down stairs tile where they wiped off the grout there are smear marks everywhere that will only come off with Muriatic acid. They didn’t remove it and it looks terrible. There are other things. I could go on and on.