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Local appliance repair experts for dryers, washers, refrigerators, dishwashers, and more in Pompano Beach, FL. Same/next day appointments may be available. Call (954) 951-4831 or book online now.

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George Kontis November 8, 2020 2:48 pm

I am convinced Sears is operating a SCAM and taking advantage of old people: Here’s how it worked in my case: Repairman came and made sure we understood we’d owe him $95 for the service call, whether we used him or not. Then he determined machine needed a lid lock. These are simple assemblies, easy to replace and cost $49 on the internet. Then the repairman says he’ll fix it for $395. The washer originally cost about $500 and not that old, but not worth fixing at that price! Now the HOOK: Repairman says he’ll repair for $200 if we buy Sears’ full appliance warranty. Cost: $600. I will never buy Sears/Craftsman produces again. Caveat Emptor!

Jose Quezada October 15, 2020 8:18 pm

Too much money just to diagnose an issue. Please be aware to check a machine it may run you between 300 or 400 dollars.

Guess11101 September 27, 2020 7:04 pm

I have no issues with the technicians that came out to conduct the actual work. They were very professional and did what they despite the circumstances stanes. My issue is with the company and how overpriced and unhelpful they when it comes to fixing their unreliable products. I had an issues with my Microwave/Oven combo door. They came out and charge me approx. $290 for a “diagnostic fee” for an obvious problem that a child could have figured out. One of the hinges to the door was bent and broken. Then they charge me approx. $300 for a hinge piece to the door. Then get me to sign up for a warranty program that was to help with the overall cost for an additional $50. a month for the next year. The hinged piece comes in a few days later but to get an appointment with the company was impossible. A month later, they come and fix the hinged piece and then say my there are issues with other parts of my microwave that cost approx. $400. I have now invested over $1000 in this microwave that a $25 walmart could do. This company is really good at taking advantage of its customers. I will NEVER purchase anything sears product again and will advise friends and family to do the same.

John Mulliken July 13, 2020 4:18 pm

Our experience with Sears “Customer Solutions” was so awful that we will never buy anything from Sears again. We bought an expensive and highly (over) rated LG refrigerator plus a service contract from Sears 5 years ago. When it quit working this spring, the series of unsuccessful attempts to fix it did not cost us a penny. Of course, the service contract had already cost a bundle. Specific issues with Sears:
• It takes an average of one hour to reach the Solutions Center by phone. If you are on hold for more than an hour, Sears disconnects your call so you can start over again. (One day: after nearly four hours on hold with three disconnects, I reached a Sears rep who told me to call back in two business days!)
• The slow-motion service is intolerable. You call for repair and get a service technician out in 7 to 10 days. The technician checks out the problem and recommends repairs to Sears, which orders the parts and reschedules the technician. Generally, it takes a week to get the parts.
• After about four or five weeks of without a functioning refrigerator, we concluded that Sears’ “Customer Solution” is simple: If Sears stalls long enough and treats customers like dirt, customers with real problems will simply go away. They will buy a new appliance.
Sears’ “Screw the Customer” strategy worked. We bought a new refrigerator from a local, family owned appliance store. Sears is a rip off. No wonder the company is struggling to stay afloat.

Missi Weinkoff May 10, 2020 6:48 pm

Repairman replaced the ice maker and said wait a few hours before using it. Everything appeared to be fine, however, the new ice maker is not working. This was Thursday. The repairman gave us his phone number stating to call him if there were any problems. We called and he said he would be here about 10:30 am on Friday. We waited all day and he never showed up. On Saturday he called and said he would be here about 4:00 pm and not to worry, because he would take care of it. Again, he never showed up. Today is Sunday and we have not heard anything from him. So we paid over $400 for a new ice maker which does not work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!