811 N Ocean Blvd, Pompano Beach, FL 33062, USA

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Tommy Mutarelli November 21, 2018 4:22 pm

Super friendly staff. Clean rooms . Great location . Kid friendly.

Nancy Williams July 11, 2018 2:58 pm

Old rooms no housekeeping have to walk to the beach old beds

Sam G April 30, 2018 7:55 pm

Terrible place to stay. Went here for spring break with some friends because it was the cheapest option by far. Before check in we had requested an extra bed about a month in advance which they said they would be able to accommodate. Arrive though and they say the extra cot is the sofa pull out (which was included in the room description, so no cots are available). Also, they randomly pulled $200 out of my account and when I asked them they said it was for “security deposit” although there was no mention of a security deposit when I had contacted them before booking and never got it back after repeated attempts at contact with the manager and owners when I was assured they would deposit it into my account if I just gave them all my credit card details (sketchy). Lots of things broken/broke while there (couch, windows, toaster) as well as COCKROACHES in our room and other rooms while we were there. All in all STAY FAR AWAY FROM THIS PLACE.

Jessica Lyn January 10, 2017 6:11 pm

This place is horrible. We fell upon hard times and found them on Craigslist were they list. I have three kids and we are displaced. Now, that doesnt mean I wasnt paying good money to stay there while trying to save first last and security for a place. It was $610 a week.

When we told them we planned on staying awhile they said the place was rented we would have to wait a day unless we brought our money then he would put them somewhere else. I of course said no and waited.

The place is kind of shady. They always found reasons to come in for weird thing, but they don’t clean, they don’t give fresh towels or bring toilet paper.

Most people are there for the long haul and sometimes they would leave clothes and stuff everywhere. The garbage is over flowing right next to the pool.

They had a cleaning girl that lived up stairs. One night her boyfriend tried kicking in the door of the guy downstairs and was screaming about them smoking crack together. The police finally came and it was a bit traumatizing for my kids.

We decided to stay because of the holidays and 4 days before Christmas we were told AFTER BEING TOLD OUR WEEKLY RATE WOULD STAY THE SAME that we needed to pay more money. We asked for them to keep the rate that week the same and they said only if we gave a $200 deposit. Of course we did because we couldn’t move that quickly and ended up paying for it with our Christmas money for the kids.

Things have been getting bad, but I was going to try and hold out. Last week around 8pm the owner comes banging on the door asking for the weekly rent. We had already paid it, but I guess they lost it. WE ALWAYS GET RECEIPTS!

So we thought that was the last of them, but then last night they came over asking us to leave before Saturday and would refund some of our money or we could move into a small efficiency (we were in the 2 bedroom and no way would we all fit comfortably and let’s not forget we’ve been paying $610 A week since November ).The reason is because they were able to get an insurance company to pay $4800 for the next 31 days. So, we decided to leave because it was the breaking point for me. The worst part of all was watching my kids sitting on the floor crying. That really broke my heart.

No one should be treated this way. We paid on Fridays when it wasn’t due until Saturday and we were quiet and kept to ourselves. This place says it’s a resort, but most people are there longer….hence the ad on Craigslist. That’s no way to do business. My advice to you is always get a receipt and if you are staying for vacation I would check into other resorts because this really isn’t what they say and I know it was rough staying there for the reasons we were and no way would I ever consider staying for a vacation. So keep that in mind when going to this establishment.

Sweet Soles May 16, 2016 2:25 pm

Disgusting filthy place. I had to request towels after check in the towels I received all dirty and stained. I couldn’t sleep I was up killing bugs all night. The refrigerator was so filthy I didn’t even want to put my drinks in. This place should be shut all the way down. It’s falling apart holes in the walls everything in the room is broken old and raggedy. Any good reviews of this dump is fake. I have not one good thing to say. And the bed is hard as a rock.