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Get a healthy, gorgeous smile at South Florida Smile Spa, Nicole M. Berger, DDS from leading Pompano Beach dentist Nicole M. Berger, DDS. Personalized modern dentistry that is affordable in a caring, fun environment

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Marilyn Haimm March 19, 2021 1:30 am

2 years ago on my first visit to Dr. Berger she found a large legion on my lower jaw caused by an impacted wisdom tooth. She called the surgeon and I was in the surgeon’s office the next morning. Due to her keen eye and proper diagnosis she prevented me from possibly breaking my jaw bone. Today I have a new lower implanted molar made by Dr. Berger. It’s been a long journey and through it all she was patient and kind. I have a great fear of dentists which is how I ended up with my problem. So if you are hesitant about seeing a dentist, she is the one for you. As a bonus her staff is fabulous too! Thank you Dr. Berger for saving my jaw.

Ana M March 8, 2021 7:02 pm

It has been about four years since I got service. In short I would NOT recommend Dr Burger her treatment plan was beyond aggressive and unnecessary. Clearly for profit. Had the silvers replaced and was not in my best interest. One created a root canal because it was already so close to the root which was an extra expense and caused me to switch dentist between service. Only a temporary filling was placed to force me to come back. Went to another dentist who gladly fitted me same day with a temporary crown to give myself more time to complete. When I complained it was not in treatment plan or could afford it she gave no empathy and wrote it off like I knew it was a possibility. Why would I replace a silver to chance a root canal. Oy! Even now I continue to regret the service as my current dentist tells me my two back molars will probably need a crown in the next five years do the depth of my current fillings (replacing the silver). If its not broke DON’T fix it. Plus one thing I detested and never needed done by other dentists were blocks put in my mouth during the fillings to keep my mouth open, incredibly uncomfortable. On top of all of this I informed her I was relocating in the coming months and wanted to keep cost done and the exact opposite happen. Just grateful I stop my husband from going before she did us both over. UPDATE: Please do not harass me over my honest review. Just received call from this office to confirm my relocated address and stating I would receive certified mail. Absolutely not and creepy to say the least! Nothing will be opened or acknowledged and will be returned. Never contact me again.

Michael Gelman January 22, 2021 2:52 am

My experience at Dr. Berger‘s office was phenomenal. The new patient special was worth every dollar. I was given x-rays of my teeth along with a super deep cleaning that left my teeth spotless after my visit. I was also given great advice as to how to properly floss and brush my teeth in order to maintain great oral hygiene. Overall every moment of my visit was great, from the front desk all the way to sitting in the dental chair.I recommend this office for anyone who wants an overall comprehensive assessment of their teeth and great advice on how to keep their smile top notch. thank you again fir the wonderful experience. Coming to the dentist never felt better!!

Tara Meehan November 2, 2020 3:34 am

I can’t recommend Dr. Berger enough! With my wedding coming up in a few months I was interested in having some dental work done in order to perfect my smile for the big day. Dr. Berger is so meticulous in her work and it really shows! She spent hours with me fine tuning my teeth and making sure they were just right. I never ever felt rushed, she gave me and my teeth her undivided attention. Her staff is also incredible and very kind. I’m happy to say that I’m now in love with my smile and I no longer feel self conscious about it and it’s all thanks to Dr. Berger!

Angela Betancourt June 15, 2020 10:06 pm

Dr. Berger and her team are fantastic! I trust Dr.Berger and I know that my dental health is in great hands. They do things with great care and use the latest in technology to ensure the work gets done correctly. It’s not every day you hear someone say they look forward to going to the dentist, but I do! And I drive a very long way because it is worth it.