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Southeast Accounting is a Certified Public Accounting Firm located in Pompano Beach, Florida, offering a wide variety of accounting and tax services

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Brad Vance August 4, 2020 6:35 pm

Southeast Accounting is HORRIBLE!

To sum it up: RUN! The owner of this business is unprofessional, price gouging, negligent, and petty. Over 17 years ago our association contracted Christine Pendleton and Southeast Accounting to not just handle our accounting, but to also assist with managing the condo owners association. What we recently discovered was that we were being nickel and dimed for every “extra” service they conducted. Like the time a homeowner called them and talked their ear off for no reason. Instead of shutting down the conversation they charged the association $26. When we realized they were charging us almost double every month we sought out a full-service property management company and notified Christine Pendleton we were terminating our business relationship. She became indignant, petty, and condescending. We directed her to work with our property management company to transition our files, contacts, finances, etc. over the past month of our term with her. Christine refused to do it. She forced us to come pick everything up on the last day and would not release our files unless we signed a waiver, essentially holding our property hostage until we signed something waiving all rights in regards to any work she did for us.

She was also paid to manage our checking and savings account. When we fired her she refused to relinquish the debit card tied to the association’s accounts. Instead she went to the bank and closed our accounts. Or at least she tried to close them all…she wasn’t even an authorized signer on the savings account that she managed, which locked up $32,000 of our funds until we could find the sole living signer on the account to go close the account with our Treasurer. Christine was negligent in ensuring she was authorized to even be managing the account.

Once our relationship was severed Christine continued to waste effort and energy just so she could send us invoices for her time. For example, a tax agency called and instead of giving them the phone number of our new property management company, she emailed multiple people about the call, called multiple people about the call, then told us we were going to receive an invoice for all the work she had to put into it. She’s continuing to nickel and dime us.

Save your self the headache and keep looking. Southeast Accounting is horrible to do business with.