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Stimwave Technologies – Experience Less Pain & More Living. Freedom Stimulators provide a full-body

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Shaena Coffey July 11, 2019 5:44 pm

I have had nothing but great experiences with Stimwave. It is empowering to watch how many lives they are changing for the best!

Sharon Black May 2, 2019 7:15 am

At the end of April 2019, I had a permanent spinal cord stimulator implanted. Dr. Wiederholz was the surgeon. I choose a local over anesthesia. With the local I could eat before the procedure and I was able to drive home. Midway thru the procedure I did have pain that lasted for 15-18 seconds. After that, everything went well. I have to give Dr. Wiederholz two thumbs up! Very pleasant and a great bedside manner.

Monya Mollohan February 28, 2019 12:13 am

Stimwave is a company on the cutting edge of pain relief, truly making a difference. It’s not just about pain relief for them, though, as they are passionate about their patients and doctors and it shows through all they do. They’ve made amazing strides in pain relief and I fully expect for them to continue to seek better and better results. The people behind this pain relief movement called Stimwave are some of the most caring and thoughtful — not just to their patients and doctors — but to each other as well. It’s those little things that definitely make Stimwave great.

Sue Haun February 27, 2019 8:55 pm

Stimwave has been an amazing company. They have helped me get my life back. From never wanting to use my right arm again to now using it a little. With always having a pain level at a 10 and to never sleeping. My pain level has come down and I am now sleeping again. The Reps that help you get you back to being a person again are very helpful and knowledgeable. Laura who is the CEO is a very nice person and the engineers know exactly how to help you.
I can not say anything bad about this company.

William Somero February 26, 2019 8:06 pm

I’m blown away by the genuine care I’ve witnessed from the workers here. They truly want to help their patients get to a life with less or no chronic pain. Being able to do a trial run of the nerve stimulation before a permanent implant is huge. Plus no big battery is going to go inside your body. On top of that they are always trying to make it a better product and experience for you. What a wonderful company.