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This is the official Stradalli Cycle website. Buy Carbon Road Bicycles from Stradalli. WE specialize in carbon fiber bikes and triathlon Bikes and frames, Sram, SHIMANO DI2, Wheel Sets and many more.

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Flacka Hutton March 17, 2021 11:12 pm

Amazing bike. Lightweight and fast. Extremely smooth transaction. And you cannot beat the price. The staff was friendly and easy to work with. I was in and out. And got exactly what I needed. Would definitely recommend them.

daniel petro March 8, 2021 3:21 pm

Stay away from that dangerous company, worst place ever , I return a damage product and the response was calling me back and threating me and my family , I have the police report,case number and record for the phone call and every prove about that day , the Miami police department already assign me a case number. I have the proof and I intend to seek the order to request the recording of the conversation of the threats that he made towards me and my family.


kenneth Bartholomew January 9, 2021 1:37 am

My husband purchased a Stradalli as a gift and I didn’t get to start riding it until December. I started having issues with shifting into the big ring and the crank and seat. I contact David regarding the bike issue and he was VERY disrespectful and rude. He said to bad and hung up on me. He also hung up on the bike store that informed me of the issue this bike had. DO not buy a bike with this company because they will not HELP you. Thank goodness I went through ebay for this purchase.

Shaun Serelson November 7, 2020 6:39 am

Do not go to this establishment. They completely ripped off my friend for a $200 fishing pole which had a two year warranty. It immediately broke before being used and rather replace or refund his money, the owner started “what of I just say you broke it?” And refused to do anything for him. Dispicable!

John F June 16, 2020 7:13 pm

These guys are absolute CROOKS. I ordered two frames from them. After 1 week no shipping. I called and was told that Sean made a mistake and sold me a bike that was sold already. I spoke to David, the co-owner, and he tried to sell me something different but they did not have the size I wanted. I asked to cancel the order. He then said he will have to charge me restocking fee and I quote “ I have to charge you 19% because I boxed the other bike up and placed a tshirt in it” I replied NO, I want a full refund because You guys made a mistake and further, the bike frame has not left your store. How can I be charged for your mistake with my order and restocking fee for an item that is still in house. David was unprofessional and irate then said fine, I would refund you and put the phone down. The next day I did not see any refund so I called to see what’s happening, David came on the phone and said he has to charge me a restocking fee. I was absolutely shocked. I told David that I have been extremely patient and I expect him to fulfill our prior agreement. He put the phone down on me. These guys are absolutely the worst business in Pompano Beach. Extremely poor Customer Service and rudeness is my experience, I await my $1099.00 refund. I now have to seek redress otherwise as they keep my money. DO NOT GIVE THESE PEOPLE A DIME OF YOUR MONEY. THEY ARE ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS AND DAVID IS HANDS DOWN ONE OF THE WORST MANAGERS, RUDE AND SHADY .