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High-intensity, functional and innovative group training in Fort Lauderdale. Our workout methods provide real and measurable results. Try a free week!

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Christian Chaparro September 17, 2020 9:43 pm

Great gym and amazing trainers! I’ve been a member for years now and they always keep you on your toes and engaged. They’ve helped me achieve progress I never thought I’d be able to achieve and maintain.

Nicole 2017 September 15, 2020 11:16 pm

Motivating and encouraging community. Excellent workouts. Fire music! Nutrition and accountability available. The challenges are so much fun and they leave you wanting more! I’ve been hooked since I joined in the summer of 2019. I listened to direction for nutrition, I showed up for workouts and I got results! SWEAT FOR LIFE!!!

Barry Abramowitz July 6, 2020 10:51 pm

I was trying to refrain from this review but I feel compelled to inform others of my encounter. I joined SE at the end of October in 2018. I was looking for a change in my routine when it came to workouts and I also wanted to lose my unwanted 30 lbs. Well the moment I met Jes Teller who is one of the owners I knew this place was going to work for me. I signed up for a “Challenge” to myself to do this. I started the following Monday and within the 6 week challenge I lost nearly 20 lbs. I was a bit short of my goal but I wasn’t about to quit. I continued on and my whole body started to transform in a way I never saw before. I was eating right and working on my full body of muscles. I was very pleased and was very committed to keeping it up. So nearly 1.5 years into SE fitness I was truly committed to and enjoying the vibe of the community that it is. The pandemic came and I stayed committed throughout with the virtual workouts but missed the connection of going to the facility. I paid my weekly amount without hesitation and never taking a break from my membership fees. Fast forward to my recent experience with the partner owner Jan Teller. Once reopening I started to go back to the live workouts at the facility and trying to be diligent with all the new rules set forth by the county and the facility. Jan was opening and we all dealt with the strict rules. Unfortunately Jan who in the past was not always Mr. Congeniality but many of us just dealt with his brash personality. He would at times bust chops and many people would comment and deal with it. Even employees left do to the way he can be. The total antithesis of his daughter Jes. I showed up for a workout and arrived at 6:30 am as that’s the starting time. The rule was to show up at 15 minutes prior as it usually took that amount of time for all to enter 1 by 1 (I drove on average 15 minutes each way to get there and back) and wait your turn for Jan to open the door for the next person to enter. Knowing it was starting time and no one else was outside waiting I opened the door to get inside. Jan came to the door with a bad attitude and starting harassing me about opening the door. I was taken that he was busting my chops on entry about waiting for him and then he proceeded to harass me about showing up on time. Where in a business is it right to chastise people on a regular basis and expect them to tolerate that behavior? I had enough of his BS from the prior workouts and nearly 2 years of attending SE. He would give me and others a hard time about where our sweat dropped or just doing a move wrong. He needs to understand that these are customers and you must earn them and not expect them to be your attitude punching bag. At the point of me taking enough of his bad attitude I went off on him and point blank asked him if he wanted me to leave as I will cancel my membership, he then said yes. I was very disappointed that Jes didn’t even have the courtesy to show any compassion for me her customer. I always had a really good connection with her and that’s why I tolerated her father for as long as I did. He needs to understand how to treat a customer better then he does!!!

Derric Forges March 2, 2019 12:50 pm

I joined this gym in January…. well it’s way more than a gym. It’s not just you against the world. You join a group of people who all have had their first day at a rigorous workout and EVERYONE is there to keep you going. The trainers are amazing, Zach, Nellie, Cassie keep you moving! Jess & Jan are the co owners and really involved, working out daily with groups , making sure you don’t hurt yourself! Don’t think about it, just give em a try! I have never felt so good!

CrazyGood T September 25, 2018 7:43 pm

I came in for their 6 week challenge. After going through the workouts and meeting the amazing staff and trainers I decided to join. Best decision that I have made thus far this year. The trainers are always present and willing to help you with any questions that you might have about your workout or the meal plan. They are patient kind and understanding however do you know that their main objective is to get you fit. I am going to recommend Sweat Equity to my friends and family and even the strangers I meet on the street. Keep up the great work!