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If you think you may be suffering, you are not alone; we can help you find the best treatment option. To get help, call (954) 526-6400 today.

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kenneth Sass March 10, 2021 3:17 pm

This place is great!!!

Sarah C January 17, 2021 2:06 pm

If I could give 0 stars I would. I’m hiding my name so Dena the terrible owner doesn’t threaten me like previously. I was a client here and the place is absolutely terrible. The location of the housing says everything about how they want us to do, it didn’t even feel safe to walk down the street by myself. We were only drug tested once per week as clients and I know for a fact she does not drug test any of the staff who are supposed to be looking out for us even though she swears she does. She makes up stuff as she goes along to try to make it sound like she cares but obviously doesn’t by the way she treated me and other clients when other people relapsed and were reaching out for help with why we were struggling (which only started when we got to The Sands and only stopped when we left). When I was there there was little to no clients and she wonders why? The definition of a flop house and everyone knows it. Save yourself or a loved one by not sending them to the worst treatment center in south Florida. This is not the first treatment center these owners have been involved with. Run the other way. I hope I can help someone not be in the position I was in. This place does not care if you get high under their care, you won’t get caught with their once per week drug test IF THAT and no accountability for the clients and even the staff when it comes to sobriety. If everyone was drug tested at that place nobody would pass and that’s why nobody is. They would have no clients and no staff. I kept in touch with people who no longer work here and they don’t have any good things to say about this place and that speaks for itself.I’m now at another treatment center and doing better than ever.