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Jean McIntyre February 26, 2021 6:53 pm

Two Men and a Truck provided timely, efficient, and helpful teams who made our move seamless. We had a fair amount of furniture that was heavy and had to be disassembled and reassembled. Everything was done with care and the entire team worked diligently and was a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend this company for any of your moving needs business or personal.

Casandra Morgan February 24, 2021 5:36 pm

Let me begin by saying how punctual, friendly, professional, and polite Two Men and a Truck workers were! I met them on site location waiting for me to open the doors for them to begin moving our office items with enthusiasm and were very organized. January 2021, this move was for Pompano Beach Chamber of Commerce, a Chamber who has been housed in a building for seventy plus years. They packed, re-assembled large, heavy vintage furniture from seven rooms with challenging door ways. Not to mention paintings, storage boxes were handled with care without breaking anything. The Men unloaded trucks packed to capacity arranging furniture as we requested. Two Men and a Truck provided a worry free experience and I would recommend them to my colleagues, friends, and family!
Casandra Morgan/Concierge/Pompano Beach Chamber of Commerce serving Margate and Lighthouse Point

Danielle Cohen February 23, 2021 10:10 pm

I would NOT recommend Two Men and a Truck company. I was very disappointed with their service. The initial estimate of time given to move my furniture from Boca to Hillsboro Beach was way off from the amount of time it took them to move on top of the fact that they sent an unexperienced mover to help.

They damaged my brand new townhouse and put a massive hole in my entryway wall. They also damaged 2 pieces of my master bedroom furniture.

After calling multiple times to speak with the manager, leaving multiple messages with various people, I was finally called back. The manager set up a date to send someone out to repair the wall and possibly issue a check for any damages not able to be fixed. The person NEVER SHOWED UP TO FIX THE DAMAGES!

I have still yet to hear back from them regarding the damages and I am still trying to reach the manager to get this taken care of.


amy gup February 18, 2021 2:14 am

I was quoted a price over the phone with Kayla Kayla is the customer service estimate Representative and she was very rude Once they did the move and finish they quoted me 225 over the phone and then when they finish the move they quoted me $1000 it was very unprofessional and I didn’t have that much money to pay them I called the general manager also the manager John and they told me if I couldn’t pay that they were going to call the police department I will never use this business again this company is very unprofessional and they scammed me out of my money the movers were great but the company is a
Not what it seems there prices change by the hour which Kayla didn’t tell me at all! I’m highly disappointed with this company! And I will be reporting them to the Bad business bureau
They ripped me off and I am a single mother of 4 with no job! I will never use them again!

N. Grady December 31, 2020 5:22 pm

HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE !This was the second time using this company. Yes, the first time- 5 years ago, they were excellent. All our belongings fit in one truck and the movers were very careful and fast. This time it was a disappointing experience. The movers were 3, One was more responsible than the others. The other two moved slowly, The boxes marked as FRAGILE were placed every were and without care! THEY didn’t filled the truck up to the maximum capacity, and the following days WE had to rent 2 standard Uhaul trucks to complete their job! My boys had 2 twin wooden beds that the oldest moves indicated that were falling apart. Yes, they indeed fell apart because the older mover in charged to assemble those 2 beds didn’t assembled them correctly- placed them in the wrong area messing up the wood and the bolts that he used were not enough (We never found them all of the missing ones!). He broke the frames of their wooden bed, making them useless! Yes the beds were 10 years old but they were working perfectly at the other place until they were disassemble by them. The part that we complained and called and requested to pay for them were the broken glass of my china cabinet, a glass that divides and makes 2 rows and until now,, December 31, they are not replacing them! Their excuse, they sent us a check to the wrong address( previous address, but our mail is forwarded here and their check never arrived!) We are calling and nothing happens, keep telling us they will contact us to solve the problem and it is more than a month and nothing is done! This company is Not responsible at all! My recommendation, DON’T USE TWO MEN AND A TRUCK unless you know WHO are the movers that will perform the job, because the company doesn’t solve problems that the movers cause. Very unhappy costumer!