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Reserve a moving truck rental, cargo van or pickup truck in Pompano Beach, FL. Your truck rental reservation is guaranteed on all rental trucks. Rent a moving truck in Pompano Beach, FL today.

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Frank Guerrero November 21, 2020 10:48 pm

I’ve rented box trucks for my business from this location and have never been disappointed. The staff is courteous and the trucks are in good working shape (a little beat up, but that’s not unusual). The price is right as long as you return it within the time-frame and within the mileage. I’ve never had a problem yet, and when I’m in a pinch I’m glad that this U-Haul is here to help.

Joseph Pellicane November 16, 2020 11:49 pm

I have used this location twice now and I am very happy with Adam the Owner the young lady who’s name I forgot (sorry) along with the other employees. I will use this location if needed I am sure.

Ashley Smith October 17, 2020 4:39 pm

So we called 2 weeks ago to get a hitch attached to the truck and needed it on Sunday so this place was directed to us by uhaul and the appointment was scheduled. We were on hold for 20 minutes before the lady on the phone said the part hasn’t arrived yet so we said that was fine we’ll schedule for next Sunday. The woman was very rude but we ignored it since we need it done and uhaul is an excellent company we worked with before. She comes back on the phone and says no we don’t do sundays and we asked when to reschedule and she said “you not speak to me rude” and hung up. Who exactly is running this place that is so bad for business. We are here to buy the hitch at the price for 450 no problem and now they just lost our business due to some very rude lady working the front desk. Just disappointed we aren’t using uhaul again.

Jessica October 8, 2020 12:30 pm

Insanely ride staff. Victoria is the worst store manager I’ve ever had the displeasure of meeting. I showed up today after having made this reservation two weeks in advance and driving hundreds of miles. I waited over 20+ minutes for the employee in training to give me my storage unit, she explained the directions I need to follow poorly, and then because I came back due to miscommunication and the inability to get their code to work, Victoria decides to catch an attitude with me and then tell me to leave HER office. I have the entire thing recorded on video and I will be following up and filing a complaint with uhaul. Take your business elsewhere if you don’t want an absolute headache. Not worth the time wasted. Victoria, kindly quit, you’re USELESS

post update, their alarms are constantly going off while you are trying to make your move which is insanely earth shatteringly ear piercingly annoying. Thanks for nothing U-Haul I will not be returning as a customer ever again.

Update to the update! I’ve been here 3 hours and I’m already finding mass amounts of very large roaches, not to mention the extra extra large rat traps installed in every single unit.
The elevator operations certificates are also out of date by over 2 years. This place is disgusting and poorly maintained all around, from employees to management to the actual storage units. I even tried to contact the owner Don at the email listed on my contract and that email is not valid. Don does not want to be bothered with any of your problems & neither can any of his employees.

Melissa Toro September 29, 2020 8:43 pm

This Uhaul is clean, large, has an array of clean trailers and trucks. Adam Rhodes is who helped us on our new journey to Charlotte, NC from South Florida. He helped make sure our hitch was secure, that we went over every detail just in case we hadn’t remembered from any trips with our hitch we had taken prior and made sure the trailer had a dolly and all the specs taken care of.

Not only that, Adam was kind, a bit reserved which I admired, absolutely professional and wonderfully useful!! He being reserved was part of his charm and professionalism, and I valued his input greatly. He was so kind. He went out of his way to be thorough.

He prioritized our safety and satisfaction.

Thank you, Adam! And thank you to this location.