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Andre’ C. February 27, 2021 8:50 pm

After wash, car was returned with lots of finger prints on trunk lid and other locations. Manager said waxing would be required to remove them, but I demonstrated for him that they rub right off. He insisted that there should be no expectation of receiving a clean car after the wash. If that was the case, I told him he should have warned us before the wash that the car may not come clean. Very poor management skills. He definitely lost customers today.

Maximus Joseppi January 18, 2021 4:14 am

Best car wash around that quickly hits the inside and outside in less than 10 minutes with really great results.
I only go here.

Chris Fleury January 17, 2021 11:31 pm

Car was very dirty but still not happy with cleaning. Exterior still had dirt near trunk. Better than when I went in but… No masks by cashier others masked but no real client interaction.

Byron Reynolds December 19, 2020 6:36 pm

Last night was one of the most unprofessional experiences I have gone through with this establishment and any other car wash that I’ve visited for that matter. I am a Pompano Beach resident that visits this establishment quite often and have been happy with their services until this point. Any time that I visit, I always purchase the best wash that the establishment can provide. Unfortunately, on the night of December 18th, 2020, this was not enough for the night manager that was working.

Since I visit this wash frequently, I know the bulk of the options given for a wash. When I pulled in, the manager proceeded to only show me the top tier washes. I asked were there any other washes available and he informed me that there wasn’t. I wasn’t looking for another wash, however, for the simple fact that this manager was forcing a patron to get a specific wash was my first concern. Needless to say, I got the top tier wash as I always do.

At the end of my wash, the night manager working, whom I forget his name, (short, bald and wears glasses) proceeds to cowardly tell me “thank you… for nothing” as my window is rolling up to exit. The first time I heard it was very brief so I requested that he repeat what he said. He proceeds to say “Thank you…” and then cowardly walks to the back of my vehicle and says “For nothing” as my window is rolling up for the second time.

After finishing my errands, I returned to the establishment to address the negative comment. This manager initially lies about what he said only to state the reason that he made such a comment was because I visit and do not “tip”. From my recollection, there is no verbiage of this establishment that states any patron must tip employees for their wash. Furthermore, the manager was unaware that even during the height of COVID19, I visited this establishment on several occasions and had tipped due to the lack of customers they were receiving.

I was extremely upset by his remarks and extremely uncomfortable. Instead of the manager owning up to his behavior, he proceeds to tell me that I DO NOT HAVE TO COME AND GET MY VEHICLE WASHED AT THIS ESTABLISHMENT and I won’t be! It is very concerning that this is the type of personnel running this car wash when the owners are not present. It is unfortunate that this type of situation has occur which has drove away my business. This car wash is an automated wash and not one of the employees ever hand washes my vehicle. My vehicle is never totally cleaned when I visit this car wash and I’ve never complained. I WONT BE VISITING THIS CAR WASH AGAIN and its a shame that greed and ignorance is the reason why.

To the manager that had everything to say about his comments, I am attaching photos of the my vehicle to show how my car is not always fully cleaned. THANK YOU FOR NOTHING and I hope the owners take heed to this review regarding your disgusting attitude.

Thank you,

samuel ginoni September 15, 2020 2:22 pm

Great detailomb