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R. M.J.R. January 15, 2021 2:01 am

Found a product on sale, for buy one get 1, but they were out of stock, I kindly asked for a rain check, girl behind the counter seemed confused was instructed by other cashier to put it on a note pad of sorts, I don’t ask for these often ,ever for that matter, so I trusted that when I was told by the Cashier that they would contact me, I didn’t question or make a big deal to ensure I had proof, because why would Walgreens lie right? Besides I have a receipt for proof of purchase, but I was WRONG to trust Walgreens,not only was I given the run around by Kira, but she refused to give me her managers contact information. I didn’t bother to make a scene since clearly Iira wasn’t trying to give customer satisfaction, she was bothered by having to do her job as a manager. And was in a hurry to get back to whatever she might’ve been doing in the back. I called corporate and left a V/M since their customer service number had me on hold for over 10 mins with a recording that makes waiting patiently feel like nails on a chalk board.. I remember when Walgreens was about there customers, I will update if corporate solves the issue, if not I spent money on a sale item. that they clearly will not honor. I will not bother shopping there and go to the CVS down the street or even better just go to Publix down the street. Publix has customer service, and they honor their rain checks and have a system to help make rain checks easy to deal with.
Based on all the 1 star reviews for this location, customers are not a priority, they bank on location…. CVS & Publix 3 mins down the street west.

PATRICIA WEEKLEY October 25, 2020 5:11 am

Who decided that this Walgreens pharmacy would be closed on Sunday? This is ludicrous.

Beth Cabello June 18, 2020 4:36 pm

Pharmacy is horrible. I strongly urge you to find somewhere else. The pharmacy technicians do not have common sense and mess up my prescriptions every single time. This time she fought with me about having refills and would not believe me that I had them, come to find out the system was wrong. Once she found out it was her system she still acted like I was a liar and tried to tell me I must have never saw my doctor like I said. So frusterating, save yourself and go anywhere else.

Barb Bernard June 8, 2020 9:41 pm

Employee’s very Curtis and clean and well stocked’s a pleasure shopping here…

Cheryl Miller May 23, 2019 1:27 pm

AWFUL! Do not use this pharmacy under any circumstances! They are rude, rude, rude! I am a healthcare professional and pride myself on my caring nature. They just don’t care. Their phone system is is non-functional, they never answer their phone. They tried to tell me 3 times it was being “upgraded”. It automatically hangs up on you! The average turn around is 4 days if its not on their shelf, for a variety of reasons! And only if you walk in to see a pharmacist, which you don’t want to do because then you treated rude! Their time is much more valuable then mine. Repeat…. AWFUL & RUDE! STAY AWAY!