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Come visit your FL Xfinity Store by Comcast Branded Partner at 4407 Lyons Road. Pick up & exchange your equipment, pay bills, or subscribe to XFINITY services!

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Tamara Rb March 6, 2021 8:12 pm

I know the reviews for this store are bad but I must say, I had an amazing experience with Kevin. Kevin was very informative and patient, he even gave me a warm welcome to the store. He fixed my wifi for 3 different houses and made sure i got a laugh during such a stressful time, he even walked me out at the end. A definite gentleman I recommend him 100%.

LaurenV Dussard January 21, 2021 5:09 pm

Visiting this store was the worst experience I have ever had at a business. I went in to discuss my options for service. The employees were very dismissive after 2 minutes and 1 who they said her name is Stephanie( don’t believe that’s her real name) was obnoxiously rude. As I was talking to the manager about the fact that they canceled my original order only to enter the same order and then tell me to call to schedule a tech appointment Stephanie kept talking over me and interrupting the conversation with the manager. She threw a pen in my direction. The managers eye opened wide as she did this. She then turned her back and said just get out of here. The manager said he would go back and address the issue. As I was at the door exiting she came back out and starting yapping at me. I simply left. Warning everyone stay away from this store. Manager who said his name was Richard has no control of what is going on and the staff does not care and is not there to provide service

Desolationalley November 26, 2020 5:37 am

My visit started out like many of the reviews below. I myself was ready to write a 1 star review. I visited the store after being instructed by the customer service over the phone to return my old equipment and pick up new router. The man who assisted me did not say hello, did not react to my greeting. He took the equipment and turned to the worker beside him and began to immediately complain about his job. He gave me the right equipment at what seemed like a painful transaction for him complete. Then took it away and gave me the wrong equipment. Plus a lot more he did wrong.

I returned after spending an hour trying to connect the wrong equipment. Thankfully, to speak to the manager of the store. Explained the situation to him. Went through the recent steps of the previous worker. Fixed a slue of problems. He was kind and thoughtful and very apologetic for the service I received. He straightened everything out. I was squared away and my service was up and running in seconds once home. For this i would say hopefully this manager has regained control of his employees and is turning the place around.

Sidenote: As i was wrapping up fixing everything with the manager. the worker was still there and hiding in the back. When customers showed up he returned to the front. Attention on the two of us the whole time. Walks up to the people grabs the equipment from them and immediately turns to his manager and says, “I did nothing wrong, what is going on?”. All i could do was laugh. Told the manager good luck and hope he is able to fix his problems.

Tey-Marie Astudillo November 3, 2020 12:24 am

I hate writing bad reviews. I generally don’t do so unless the service received was so poor I feel it a civic duty to warn other customers and bring such issues to managements’ attention. This has been the case with the service I received at this particular Xfinity location, which I went to with my father who had broken his phone. During this visit, we were serviced by an employee named Sean who was either a) extremely incompetent in knowing what he was doing and/or lacking sufficient knowledge of services offered by Xfinity, or b) purposefully misleading in order to not help the customer but squeeze as much money out of them as possible. During this visit I informed Sean that my father had been in the hospital and rehab due to health complications and had broken his phone while there after dropping it. Sean informed us the phone was past the return date period and to get a new phone my father would have to pay off his old one and buy a new one. This was problematic as it would cost hundreds of dollars and my father does not have extensive financial resources at hand. Without being told of ANY other options we had available to us by the rep, we had to pay off the old phone to get a new one. Upon picking out a new phone, I told Sean it needs to be a cheap phone as finances are an issue with my Dad. He then showed us a phone that he said after a rebate would only cost about $6/month. Fast forward a month or so later and I noticed my Dad’s bill did not reflect what we were told by Sean, so I called the Xfinity Mobile Customer Service number. I was told that my Dad had actually been paying $11/month for phone insurance even on his other phone, which means he should have been able to have his previous phone replaced without having to buy a new one. I was also told the rebate we were told we were given was only for new Xfinity customers, not existing ones. My father has Parkinson’s and is on disability where every cent counts. I made this clear to Sean when we were there, however, his inferior knowledge and/or predatory salesmanship resulted in us spending hundreds of dollars that we did not need to spend. I don’t slight Xfinity as whole, for the most part I have had good experiences with their call center Customer Service. However, as the company employing this employee, I due hold them accountable. Hopefully, management at this location will rectify the manner in some way, either by better training their employees or enforcing some sort of reprimand. Regardless, if this review can help one person to not be taken advantage of the way my father was then that’s all that matters.

Ezion Bernardino de Oliveira Filho Ezion Filho September 18, 2020 9:21 pm

Fast and efficient service