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Youfit Health Clubs is a gym that's about one thing only: You. Youfit not only offers affordable gym memberships and state of the art facilities but is dedicated to helping our members get the most out of life! Find a Club. 30 Minute Workout, Quick, Easy-to-follow Workouts. Live the Lime Card life! We are known for having the best health clubs and gyms near you.

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David Nassif March 8, 2021 8:11 pm

Truly disappointed in the customer service I received from a PAUL ROBERTS. Did not sympathize or care to understand my situation. I know its a tough world for alot of people right now but how my situation was handled was very bad form and unbecoming. Take the time to read the contract before signing. I feel the words they get you in on are different from the agreement you actually sign. Bad form. Youfit. Step it up.

Oriana Pena February 9, 2021 5:09 am

I was approached by 2 members of Youfit location 8301 W Atlantic Blvd
Coral Springs, FL 33071
United States, stating that they had a deal going on for $1 for 30 days. All they did was charge me and add my name to a clipboard. Well 2 weeks later I’ve been charged $27. What?! I called and was told that it wasn’t 30 days but 2 weeks. AND that they are unable to refund me AND I also have to pay $10 to cancel. NO ONE told me anything regarding this. This company and everyone who works for it are FRAUDS and are SCAMMING people during this pandemic. $40 total that you are stealing from me. That’s 2-3 dinners… this is the worst company and needs to be shut down.

nick wogan February 7, 2021 4:43 pm

Absolutely appalled at this gym company. I moved to New York and spoke on the phone with a representative who told me they would cancel my membership. And yet the charges kept coming on my card. I called again and they told me that you can’t actually end your membership on the phone, only in person. How is this ethical at all? Am I supposed to fly in? I don’t even know anyone in Florida who could act as my representative and go in to cancel my account (with covid this is even more impossible). Now I’m planning out a lawsuit. Don’t be like me, AVOID this gym company.

Brooke B December 22, 2020 5:39 pm

I have been a member at You Fit since 2009. I called the location in Deerfield Beach in May to ask them to freeze my account. They told me it was frozen indefinitely. I repeated it back to them. June was the only month I wasn’t charged. In July I got charged more than double my normal and I called back. They said my freeze fell off when they opened the gym back up, but told me it would be frozen again. In August I got charged again, so I called them back. I actually did receive a refund for August. They told me my account was frozen and don’t understand why it keeps falling off. In September I got charged yet again, which was more than I normally pay per month. When I called back the gym to see what is going on I was then notified that they never did put a freeze on my account. Whoever I spoke to looked through the notes on my account and said I had never requested a freeze because nothing was notated. Also she informed me that they aren’t offering a freeze on accounts anymore, but from the start that’s what I was told. This information is extremely misleading being that I was told it was indefinitely. “Until I’m comfortable with coming back in.” I called every single month stating that I wanted my account frozen and asking for a refund. I feel that it’s not my fault that the workers are incompetent and just because it wasn’t written in my notes, they are basically calling me a liar. Your employees need to be better educated on what the procedures are. Common sense would tell you regardless if they wrote it or not, I call monthly asking for a refund. After eleven years it is disheartening the way I was treated because I’m too scared to leave my house due to Covid. I have since cancelled my membership. I’m looking for a full refund of all the monthly charges accrued, kindly. I have written three letters to your corporate office yet this never gets resolved. When I call my local gym, they can’t help me.

Krista L September 12, 2020 5:10 pm

Due to such trying times, I made the decision to cancel my gym membership. I was told by my local Youfit that I would need to come in 10 days prior to my bill date to cancel my membership and pay a $10 cancellation fee. I came in and did just that. A week later, I checked my credit card statement and saw that Youfit charged me for the month even though I had already cancelled the membership( this was in July ). They apologized and told me they would issue a refund (supposedly processed on July 25). I was told that I should receive the refund within a month. Since then (today is September 12) I have not received my refund. I have called several times and have come in person once to follow up on the refund. I keep getting the runaround that it’s still processing and that corporate is handling the matter. You guys were so quick to take the money out of my account which you weren’t supposed to but want to take forever to issue the refund? I had every hope that after this pandemic that I would resume my membership with your company, however, you guys are crooks! How can you all be so terrible in such times. I have been with your company for years but am completely turned off by such horrible service.I feel like the only way you all are going to address our concerns is if we take legal action.